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The quality of each of these lipsticks ensures that you won’t come back up looking like a sad clown after making someone cum.

There isn’t anything quite like lipstick to make me feel ultra-femme — with the exception of liquid liner and a perfected cat-eye. My Sephora cart is pretty much always littered with a variety of lipsticks awaiting for that direct deposit to hit my account before I click on the “order” button. After about 15 years of experimenting with different shades, stains, mattes, satins, liquid lipsticks, vinyl glosses and creamy pencils, I feel like I know my way around the ultimate makeup staple, and so I decided finally write about my two favorite things: lipstick and oral sex.

To some, lipstick which lasts through oral sex—regardless of genitalia or orifice—may seem like a superfluous or unnecessary thing to even consider, but for those of us who luxuriate in it, the ceremony of makeup wearing can amplify sexual acts and pleasure. There are a variety of kinds of lipsticks which will last you through a very wet and messy blowjob or eating someone out, the key isn’t only in the formulation, but it is also in the application—however, liquid lipsticks have the most durability for oral sex.

Like any good makeup artist will tell you, there are some foundational and basic steps to take in wearing lipstick if you want it to not only last, but also allow the pigmentation to shine and for the texture to look even and stay put. Always, always, ALWAYS exfoliate your lips prior to applying lipstick. Get rid of the little dead skin flakes and smooth down your lil’ pillows of pleasure. I use a sugar scrub with raw honey, which is delicious, hydrating, cheap to make and easy to keep. You can also put on some balm and use a toothbrush to scrub them, and if you’re not in bad, dehydrated shape, apply some balm and use a q-tip by squeezing your lips together and rub it between them in a twisty motion. I recommend a lip liner for every lipstick that you wear, as well as a very light wash of foundation prior to application. Think of how necessary eyeshadow primer is and apply the same principal to your lipstick.

This incredibly important research was conducted over the years of my sexual activities with both vagina and penis owners. There are some affordable options in this list of lipsticks and some more expensive ones too, but the quality of each ensures that you won’t come back up looking like a sad clown after making someone cum.  (These are listed in no particular order)

The Best lipsticks for oral sex Art By Dania Alexis
Art By Dania Alexis


Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color by Fenty Beauty ($24)

The hype for this lip color isn’t based in any lies, this is my favorite liquid lipstick. It combines the staying-power of liquid lipsticks with the vibrant pigmentation more often found in regular mattes. This is also one of the few liquids that isn’t dry or uncomfortable to wear, it doesn’t suck the moisture out of your lips and it doesn’t get weirdly flaky and start to peel. It’s stretchability is what makes it such a winner for blowjobs in particular because it doesn’t leave too much red on the shaft, and because it doesn’t budge with moisture, it’s also great if you’re eating someone out.


STILA Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick ($22)

I’ve always been a fan of STILA’s liquid liner, and I feel no differently about their liquid lipstick. They’re not really lying about it being a “Stay All Day” lippie. While it does stay all day without giving any oral sex, it does a decent job of staying put during an eat-out session and it does pretty well during a quick blow-job (quick being 2-5 min). It won’t transfer to the rest of your face, and it doesn’t leave a trail of color on a dick.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ($6.50)

This one is a fave to so many for a good reason, it is comfortable, affordable, easy to apply, and the color variety is poppin’ with 46 shades. I love this one because it sits so nicely on my lips and it isn’t a messy liquid. It can be a bit drying, but it’s $6.50, so I’m not going to complain too much. Depending on the color that you buy, it will last through the different kinds of oral sex. By this I mean that the more neutral shades, like the soft pinks and browns, will last longer and when they do start to fade after some intensity, it won’t look obvious or ugly.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D ($20)

This was the first liquid lipstick I purchased, and I bought it in “Witches”, a true black liquid lip. It’s a beautiful color and the pigmentation is lovely. I eventually bought some less unusual colors, like Lolita II. This lipstick is long-wearing, but it isn’t particularly comfortable for all-day wear in my experience, however, for oral, it is pretty great. The color doesn’t transfer that much, however, some re-application may be necessary in the center of your lips post-pleasure.

SEPHORA COLLECTION’S Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick ($14) 

At a friendly price-point, like the rest of Sephora’s brand makeup and skincare line, this lipstick is super friendly and special because it’s goes from being a creamy-matte liquid lip to a stain, which is why I love it so much. Stains are awesome for the low-maintenance person who doesn’t want to fret too much about what they look like after some oral. The beautiful wash of color that remains is just an added bonus to the rest of your lovely face. It does stay put during the less intense oral sex sessions, but your creamy lip will most definitely become a stain. Bonus points for comfort!

SMASHBOX Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick ($24)

I first discovered this lipstick was a great addition to my big makeup family after a make-out session with my boo which resulted in my lips being intact while his face and neck weren’t even smeared with a bright raspberry. So I was sold. It does stand-up to sloppy, wet oral without transference and I love the fact that it doesn’t flake during regular wear either.

Powermatte Lip Pigment by NARS ($26) 

Do not be deterred by how difficult this is to put on, it isn’t for the first-time liquid lip appliers, but with care, it’s worth it! I’ve always loved NARS lip colors, I love their Velvet Matte pencils too (Cruella is my signature winter shade), and their Powermatte is indeed a power lipstick. I do recommend shaking this before application, and you really should line your lips with a pencil, but it is one of the best ones I’ve worn for oral. I could suck a bunch of dicks and eat out a line of pussies and still look like I just came out of the ocean like Aphrodite.

Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick by Maybelline ($9.50)

This does a really good job of staying on during some fairly wet moments, but I did find that with rubbing against a shaft that it does transfer. However, the color actually stays on and I recommend it more for eating someone out as opposed to a blowjob. There aren’t that many shades available as of yet because it’s a fairly new release, but the pigmentation is lovely and if you’re just going about your day sans-sexy times, then this does stay on for a good 8 hours!

Art work by Dania Alexis

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