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What sex resolutions are you dedicating to making for yourself this year?

The new year is upon us, and there’s something about this time of year that has a particular magic to it. The start of the year offers the chance for so many beginnings. Everywhere we look, we see reminders to drink more water, sign ups for that gym membership, meditate more — all the things that we imagine our “best” selves doing.

But often on our journey to making ourselves a healthier, happier, better version of us, there’s often something that holds us back from taking it another step. In all of the embracing of New Years’ Resolutions, why are we still so hesitant to embrace making sexual resolutions for ourselves?

If the health, wellness, and happiness in other forms of our lives are so important, why would we then discount its value in regards to our sexuality? Part of this stems, of course, from the heavy stigma still surrounding sex in our culture. It is everywhere, yet it is something that we still shy away from or struggle to find balance in.

Making a sex resolution for the new year — whatever that may look like — is great because it’s a commitment to yourself to embrace being better in all areas of your life. They don’t have to be grand or life-changing, but committing to incorporating small habits into your daily routine can have a positive impact on your sex life.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are a few resolutions to get you started:

Have Fun With Sex Again

So many of us struggle with the pressure surrounding sex. We worry about the faces we make, the sounds our bodies make, if we’re into the right things… and that’s not even going into the pressures around orgasms. But one resolution that you could make is to embrace the fun of sex.

Too many of us get in our heads about doing the right thing during sex or centering the experience around having an orgasm that it creates unnecessary pressure that could take us out of the mood. Rather than seeking orgasm as the goal to define whether or not we’re having good sex, can pleasure be the barometer? By shifting the focus of sex, that could be the push that we need to have the sex that we want to be having.

Let Mindfulness Enter Your Bed

So much of our lives are surrounded by the push for immediacy. To succeed in attaining our goals requires meeting the same urgency; but when does the hustle and bustle slow down for us? When it comes to sex, many of us struggle with slowing down enough to enjoy the process of sex rather than just pushing to reach the finish line.

Embracing mindfulness can be done anywhere really: when you’re in the shower, take a moment to focus on the sensation of rubbing the soap on your body. You can put this into practice with any part of your morning — or evening — routine, but the act of slowing down to enjoy the simple actions of our day can do wonders with helping us to refocus to enjoy the small pleasures. And who doesn’t enjoy that?

Invest In Your Sex Life

There’s probably no better time to take the dive into exploring sex toys. Technology has come a long way, and there are toys on the market that are innocuous and subtle that you wouldn’t even guess what they were. Sex toys can also be a great way to experiment, safely explore pleasure, and switch things up if routine is something that you’re struggling with.

What sex resolutions are you dedicating to making for yourself this year?