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What We Can Learn From The Haitian Revolution After One Year of Trump

The Haitian Revolution was and is significant. How can we apply it to today’s resistance? As we approach the one year anniversary of the inauguration of arguably the most punitive and draconian administrations in the history of American presidential politics, it is crucial that black people in the United States and across the diaspora keep...


There’s An Official Black Panther Jewelry Line, And It’s Dope AF

Black women are carving spaces for themselves in Hollywood, and now you can look like you just leapt out of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther film.   Thanks to Douriean Fletcher, an LA-based jewelry designer and Special Jewelry Costumer for Marvel’s upcoming, much-anticipated Black Panther film, you can look like you just leapt out of Wakanda.


Two Years Have Passed Since Charleston Massacre, And Nothing Has Changed

Outside symbolic gestures, what’s changed since the Charleston Massacre? Not a damn thing.   It seems like an ironic twist of fate, a perverted prophecy of tragedies to come when you think back on it. Two years ago, on June 16, 2015, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his bid for the U. S. presidency. Trump would...


Timothy Loehmann Fired From Cleveland Police Department Over Technicality, Not Racism

Imagine an America that prioritized directly confronting its racist legacy, not devising roundabout avenues to address the problem. Timothy Loehmann, the Cleveland police officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice in November 2014, was fired by the Cleveland Police Department. Under any other circumstance, this would come as ready relief, this would be joyous...


Here’s Why The “My Family’s Slave” Story Is Problematic AF

Like most accounts of slaves and the families they died serving, Alex Tizon’s “My Family’s Slave” seems more about mitigating the feelings of the oppressor than rendering visible the life of the oppressed. “My Family’s Slave,” the late Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Alex Tizon’s final story published in the June issue of The Atlantic, about the...