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Wild Flower Sex is a Lesson in White Abuse of Power

The callout to Wild Flower is an example of what many Black sexuality professionals face in the field. And more, what Wild Flower Sex did was not accidental, or a one-time mistake. Content Note: This piece contains discussion of anti-Black violence, misogynoir, sexual violence (assault and rape), sex work. Please read at your own discretion....


How White Womens’ Tears Threaten Black Existence

White women are weaponizing their emotions and femininity to assert their power over BIPOC. This isn’t new, but it is dangerous. If you’ve been paying attention to anything in the news lately, then you’ve seen the onslaught of headlines about racialized violence. Across the country, Black people are facing a continuous waves of anti-Blackness at...


Self-Love is About the Journey, Not the Destination

Committing to self-love whispered quietly in your mind is all you need to ground yourself in the work. Self-love is a term that’s honestly gotten a bad rep. Maybe it’s from buzzing around social media for so long without committing to the work of unpacking what it really means, but there’s a lot of confusion...


Navigating Desire In The Wake of #MeToo

We have important steps to take in learning about desire, consent and pleasure-based sexual experiences in the wake of #MeToo. [TW: this piece contains discussions of #MeToo and sexual violence in varying forms.] Started almost ten years ago by Tarana Burke, #MeToo has spread (and in some ways, been co-opted) and become synonymous of the large-scale...


Black Women Aren’t Your Political Mules

If you really want Black women to “save you”, do us all a favor and save yourself. Last night, America watched as Alabama held an election as to who would hold the Senate seat. In a close race, Republican Roy Moore lost the race by 20,000 votes to Democrat Doug Jones. So many are stunned...


Femme Podcasts You Need To Download Today

The best part about discovering podcasts has been in finding the community of like-minded people that I can learn from and listen to every week. Podcasts are my jam. I got into them after co-hosting my own show and realizing that there is a freedom in creating podcasts that you can’t find in other mediums....