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The Abuse of the Black Femme Also Known as The Perfection

The pain and terror of Black women and femmes is less important than the machinations of white women and this colors The Perfection. This essay contains spoilers for Netflix’s “The Perfection.” It also contains discussions of sexual abuse.  “The Perfection” is the newest entry in a long line of female-centric revenge films served up with...


Say No to Forced Affection and Respect Children’s Bodies

It is important that even children understand this because rape culture doesn’t just bloom when you become college age. Picture this: Generic holiday movie. Old family member, bending a wrinkled cheek down to an elementary school age child. Well-meaning parents pushing them forward with, “Give great so-and-so a hug!” Usually played for laughs because this...


Comfortable Allies Are Not Allies

If your allyship only extends as far as your comfort, you are not an ally. John Brown was an abolitionist who died in 1859. He was hanged after a failed attempt to attack a federal arsenal to provide arms to a future slave rebellion. He was a flawed human being but he lived by his principles...


It’s Time For Victoria’s Secret to Showcase Fat Bodies

Victoria’s Secret is making a choice on how they want their brand to be perceived and it is as one which equates being thin with being beautiful. Victoria’s Secret is synonymous with sexy for many people and while the company is actively featuring more Black and Brown models for their upcoming annual fashion show, the...


The Radical Act of Beyoncé Claiming Her FUPA

Beyoncé addressing this post-baby body reality is an important moment. I am not a rabid Beyoncé fan. I like Lemonade and a few more of her songs, but it would be a stretch to call me a “fan”. However, reading her statement in Vogue’s September issue, I felt a kinship with her that I had...


Six Queer BIPOC Voices in the Body Positive Movement

Body positivity, as a movement, was meant to give space to bodies that an oppressive society says are not worthy of love and acceptance. The body positive movement has a lot of problems—not in the general message that we all deserve the space to love our bodies as they are, but in representation. The movement...