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Using Art To End Sex Trafficking and #KillTheSilence

Sex workers  dance for prospective clients in a bar in the red-light district, Pat Pong, Bangkok, Thailand. Image credit: Flickr user Alex Wright via Creative Commons  Two women are making headlines throughout the Bay, using their talents to address human sex trafficking-one of the Bay Area’s largest epidemics. Tracie Collins and Regina Evans, both playwrights, have come...


Sex Trafficking Is Still an Issue in 2015

It can be comforting to consider the progress that humanity has made in regards to human rights and freedoms over the centuries. However, despite these advancements, right now we are sharing this planet with 29.8 million individuals who have been forced or sold into slavery. 29.8 million. Let that sink in for moment. That means...


Gamer Girls Debunked!

Ok boys, I love the competitive edge and trash-talking (That is half the fun of playing the game) but when you do it based on my gender and not my skill level,that’s when I start to become irritated. While it is easy to give into the stereotypes and tell us to go back to the...