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Meet the Women Behind Black Panther’s Phenomenal Designs

“Black Panther” wouldn’t be as beautiful and powerful for viewers without the Black women who helped create the images. Marvel’s “Black Panther” directed by Ryan Coogler has officially sold more presale tickets than any superhero movie in history. The public’s attraction to this film is deeper than wanting to be entertained, it’s about representation. People are...


Despite Pussy Hats, These Intersectional Posters Shined Through at the Women’s March

The pussy hats excluded trans women and women of color. Excluding the most vulnerable women from the conversation = white feminism at its best. Today marked the largest and most peaceful protest in U.S. history. Women and men rallied together both domestically and abroad to advocate for women’s rights and to resist Donald Trump’s inauguration....


Janet Mock Uplifts Trans Lives at D.C.’s Women’s March

Author and activist Janet Mock shut it down at yesterday’s Women’s March in Washington D.C., reminding protesters to fight for their less-privileged sisters. “My sisters and siblings are being beaten and brutalized, neglected and invisibilized, extinguished and exiled. My sisters and siblings have been pushed out of hostile homes and intolerant schools. My sisters and...


Whether Or Not You Believe Adam Saleh, Airports Are Racist AF

Earlier this week, YouTube stars Adam Saleh and Slim Albaher were allegedly kicked off of a plane for speaking Arabic on a Delta flight from London headed to their home in New York City. According to Saleh, passengers and airline personnel were frightened by his phone call to his mother as well as his side...


7 Organizations that Need Your Holiday Cheer This Year

The holiday season is a time to reflect on things that matter most, including family, friends and community. However, this year is nerve-wracking for many of us, due to our country’s impending political situation that puts the people we love the most at even greater risk. But this doesn’t mean that our efforts wane, or...


If Water is Life, Then What About Flint?

Former Flint, Michigan, Emergency Managers Darnell Earley and Gerald Ambrose are being charged with criminal activity for their role in perpetuating the water crisis. Earley and Ambrose are just two of several city-appointed leaders who co-signed to switch Flint’s residents to a water supply that was found to be 19 times more corrosive than the water in Detroit, causing lead...