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You Don’t Support Immigrants When You Say This

If you support workers’ rights, that means supporting all labor, including the undocumented people who make your clothes and pick your strawberries. Today, people all over the U.S. are striking in support of “A Day Without Immigrants.” As we now exist under the Trump regime, where talk of a Mexican border wall and a Muslim Ban isn’t...


Beth Ditto’s New Collection Proves Plus-Size Fashion Can Be Ethical Too

When The Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto released her first plus-size fashion collection earlier this year, my only question after “Was it made ethically?” was, “When will I get to see more?” Such impeccable design rarely comes in seasonal fashion for us plus-size ladies (despite all of our highly vocal protestation), and I feared that Ditto’s...


Take a Seat with Ravneet: Making It in L.A. When You’re Brown

Take a Seat, a new vlog from WYV founder Ravneet Vohra, premieres on our Instagram today.  OK, picture this: you’re the founder of an intersectional feminist news and culture site, but when you take your kids to their new school in Los Angeles, your youngest runs over to a black teacher and starts breakdancing to...


#QueerCrushTuesday: Queer Fashion Week Pics

As I took in all of the gorgeous, diverse bodies at Queer Fashion Week in Oakland recently — and with all of the awesome love for #WCW and #MCM on social media — I realized something was missing. Where’s our Queer Crush Day? Ladies, gentlemen and all who break the binary, patriarchy and stuffy ol’ boundaries of...


8 Designers Bringing Change for Good to NYFW

When Tim Gunn released his scathing takedown of the fashion industry’s lack of size diversity the Washington Post last week, surely many fashion fans held the same assumptions he did: this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) designers would largely stick to the old norms of Euro-centric size-0 models, and the fashion industry’s narrow focus would continue as...


No, Gold’s Gym, Fat-Shaming Doesn’t Work

It’s been a touchy time to inhabit a shapely body at the gym recently. From a Playboy Bunny sharing a fat-shaming LA Fitness locker room snap of a stranger’s naked body to a Gold’s Gym franchise creating anti-pear-shape memes, the message is clear: no fat allowed. The backlash cracked swift and hard, but both cases reveal symptoms...