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Your Romphim Jokes Are Perpetuating Gender Norms

The popularity of Romphim suggests that it’s time we moved beyond limiting, boring ideas about clothing and gender. When someone first showed me the Romphim — a romper for men — my first thought was “yeah, of course.”  This is, perhaps, because I am fascinated by the ’70s, where jumpsuits of all types clinging to your...


Why I’m Not Speaking With my Mom on Mother’s Day

One of the best things my mother did for me was to teach me that it’s OK to tell family that their behavior is harmful to you. Even if it’s your mother. Last year, I wrote a piece about how supportive my mother was for Mother’s Day. She’s been one of the most outspoken advocates for...


Your Protest Selfies Are Dangerous

Protest selfies might seem harmless, but they make it much easier for police, alt-right folks or government officials to make your life miserable. I get it. You’re out at the protest, the weather is nice, you’ve got your cutest revolutionary shirt on, and you want to snap a selfie to show the world that you’re...


“Unicornland” Creator Lucy Gillespie Talks Sex Parties, Kink, Polyamory and Getting it Right

“I wanted to write something that portrayed a young woman’s journey of sexual exploration, and that was an introduction to the New York scene’s wonderful secret world.” When I first heard about the web series Unicornland, I was pretty skeptical, if I’m totally honest. As a queer, nonmonogamous pervert who has been the “hot bi...


Fat and Starving: My Battle with Anorexia

I felt betrayed by the medical industry, which had told me to exercise more and eat less and now was telling me I was hurting myself. Wasn’t I only following their instructions? (Content warning: discussion of eating disorders) Whenever I dare to take up space in public, I am immediately policed for being fat. Fat people are,...


Dear Cis White Feminists: Don’t Be Like Trump

Cis white women voted for Trump, and if we’re against that and embarrassed by that, we need to step up and fight back hard. We can’t afford to leave people behind. Writer’s note on image use: While I do believe that in the political sphere silence suggests complacency, especially when that silence comes from white...