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‘Captain Marvel’ and the Power of Women’s Emotions

Captain Marvel serves as reminder that emotional, compassionate, angry, resilient, brave, loud girls and women are dangerous to oppressive structures. This article contains spoilers for the Marvel film, “Captain Marvel” One of the most enduring and damaging messages I learned as a child was that I needed to control my emotions and that if they...


How Men Can Be Slightly Less Trash

Cisgender men need to intentionally open themselves up to more than just their own perspectives, opinions and experiences. Cisgender men often ask me what they can do as “allies” or “accomplices” to women, femmes, trans and GNC/nonbinary people. I am usually willing to offer my thoughts on the matter, but I am often discouraged because...


Why Activists and South Asian Women Oppose Neomi Rao’s Nomination

Neomi Rao’s views on sexual assault, race, LGBTQ rights, affirmative action, and disability rights are nothing short of alarming. This article contains mentions of sexual assault and victim-blaming On Tuesday, a group of South Asian women representing 65 desi women lawyers, law professors, and survivor advocates stood up in silent protest during attorney Neomi Rao’s...


I’m Not Here For Your Presidential Candidates

I want things that disrupt the way that governments and societies operate, and so why would I be in favor of any presidential candidate? I’m tired, and that exhaustion is going to follow me deep into the 2020 presidential election. I’m not looking forward to being yelled at about voting for “the right candidate”, I’m...


INTO’s Closure Reflects the Brutality of The Media Industry Towards Queer and Trans Writers of Color

Those who are harmed the most by Grindr’s decision to shut down INTO magazine are queer and trans Black writers. On Tuesday morning Grindr closed down its LGBTQ+ publication, INTO after laying off the magazine’s entire editorial and social media staff, leaving full-time employees without jobs while dozens of freelancers and columnists lost their primary...