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Vogue Magazine Has a Race Problem, And It’s Getting Tired

It isn’t surprising that Vogue is trying to keep white readers happy, but it ignores how much inspiration, talent, beauty and style is blatantly co-opted and stolen. by Lara Witt You know what is exceedingly exhausting but never surprising? White people being racist. More specifically: magazines using non-white cultural staples on white models in numerous and offensive ways. One...


Caping for Chris Brown Won’t Make Him Love You

Caping for Chris Brown reinforces his violence. If you have thousands of fans who support you despite your abusive behavior, you have a loophole and an excuse. (Content warning: Mention of domestic violence, physical abuse, sexual assault and names of known abusers.) by Lara Witt This week a judge granted Karrueche Tran a restraining order against...