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Why Sexual Education Needs to be Trauma-Informed

True or false: sexual education is very inaccessible, underwhelming and needs to be reformed immediately. I think most people would agree that it’s true. The state of sexual education in the United States of America has so many faults, including the fact that it’s taught from a cisgender-heterosexual point of view and, many times, it’s abstinence-only education. However,...


3 Black Femme Anthems You Need to Hear

When you’re Black and femme, you need all the anthems you can find. I currently live in a suburb of the greater Boston area. However, I grew up a working-class child of Jamaican immigrants in both the Wakefield and Willamsbridge sections of the Bronx. I grew up near five beauty supply stores, a few Golden Krusts and...


According to Toni Braxton, Autism Can Be Cured

This just in: autism can disappear! Or that’s what Toni Braxton believes. According to an interview on Access Hollywood, Toni Braxton’s son Diezel no longer “suffers” from autism. She mentions in a quote that her son shows “No signs of autism. He’s our social butterfly. He’s the one who plays with friends and hangs out...


Ableism and Anti-Blackness Go Hand in Hand

When you’re Black and autistic and the police are anti-Black and ableist, you’re in trouble.  Recently in  the news, there was a story about a behavioral therapist by the name of Charles Kinsey was shot by police accidentally while trying to protect his autistic client, 21-year-old Arnoldo Rios. When asked about why he shot Kinsey,...


Polyamory Doesn’t Change How Partners Should Deal With Mental Illness

Polyamory  is not a cure-all. Having a significant other — or more than one –doesn’t change brain chemistry. I’m polyamorous.  I enjoy being polyamorous. But I’m still mentally ill. And, not surprisingly, people don’t understand that. As much as the “your partner cannot fix you narrative” seems to be understood in monogamous relationships, that particular...


A Disabled Bean’s Guide to Domming

I’m disabled. I’m also kinky. I have a pretty cane that I use during the colder seasons. It is my best friend. I walk everywhere with it and it has helped me from falling on my ass. I also wield a flogger, handcuffs and a Hitachi magic wand. I am into orgasm denial (both giving...