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Water Protectors Are Risking Their Lives for Us. What Can We Do to Help Them?

The water protectors protesting Line 3 are risking their lives while their efforts go underreported by national media. Here is how to support them. The Line 3 pipeline is a controversial oil pipeline expansion currently under construction in Minnesota. The Canadian company, Enbridge, that proposed this expansion was also responsible for the largest inland oil...


The Biden Administration is Failing Miserably as the Housing Crisis Continues to Surge

As the COVID-19 incidence rises again, the Biden administration, with their alleged immense desire to keep people housed, are nowhere to be found.  The Delta variant is surging in much of the United States, sending thousands to the hospital daily, and eviscerating the other COVID-19 variants. More than 90 million eligible people in the country...


Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict Won’t End Police Violence

Individualizing the system by blaming these actions on a single bad cop like Derek Chauvin misses the point entirely. Getting one violent police officer off the streets doesn’t do anything to stop police violence because policing is violent. CW: policing, murder, Black death  Yesterday, after about 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found Derek Chauvin...


Abolition Now: Black and Brown Children Will Never Be Protected By The State

The police don’t need any help demonizing Black and brown children. Society and the state treat them as older than they are, dangerous, irredeemable, and disposable. CW: policing, state violence, murder of Black and brown people, racism On March 29, police chased 13-year-old Adam Toledo into an alley around 2:30 A.M. After a seconds-long interaction,...


Cops Actively Prevent Marginalized Communities From Accessing Food and Safety

The existence of cops is integral to keeping poor people from having their basic needs met, whether it is through criminalization or guarding dumpsters full of food. CW: poverty, mentions of police violence On Tuesday, February 16, images of a dozen cops guarding dumpsters went viral on Twitter. People were rightfully horrified—and unsurprised—that cops were...


Neoliberalism: An Introduction, And A Warning

Neoliberalism breeds apathy in those who are served well by it. When neoliberals are comfortable in their “normal,” they accept the mistreatment and oppression of others.  If you’re on Twitter—especially leftist Twitter—you’ve likely heard the term “neoliberalism” before. This ideology is so pervasive in settler colonial/western European society and politics that it’s almost always left...