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The Many Shades and Iterations of South Asian Anti-Blackness

South Asians have a complex history with anti-Blackness and we need to confront and dismantle it for collective liberation. South Asia has a rampant anti-Black racism problem. I know both from experience and by being a witness to it. Everyone knows about the skin bleaching creams that are so popular in Asia, but the racism...


How Language Purity Is A Tool To Further White Supremacy and Classism

Language purists seem to think that everyone is given the same opportunities and is born with the same abilities to take advantage of those opportunities. By Sarah Khan Language purity is a trend I’ve seen more and more of lately, which isn’t so surprising considering how quickly the English language is evolving as it becomes...


People of Color Don’t Have Luxury of Giving Skinheads the Benefit of the Doubt

I’m wary of anyone who dresses in skinhead fashions, regardless of whether they’re harmless. Recently, I was involved in a Facebook “discussion” in which there was a majority of people (mostly white, but also some white-passing) who were arguing that when people see a skinhead, they shouldn’t automatically assume that they’re a neo-Nazi or even...


Dear Allies: The Oppressed Have Every Right To Be Angry & Defiant

Allies shouldn’t need a reason to be allies; they should be cognizant of the injustices rampant in the world and want to change the world for the better. By Sarah Khan Recently, Canadian politician Jagmeet Singh was heckled by a white woman while he was conducting a meet-and-greet in Brampton, Ontario. Singh, who is Sikh,...


Learn About The Anti-Patriarchy Demon Who Killed Bad Husbands

If I am to live through an afterlife it should be as a churel demon, so I can seek vengeance on behalf of mistreated women across the globe. By Sarah Khan Like all other cultures, South Asia has its own selection of other-worldly monsters to scare children (and even some adults). None of them really...


Reading the Qur’an as a Feminist (And a Lapsed Muslim)

Being a feminist and a Muslim is something that is totally possible—you just have to use common sense and empathy. By Sarah Khan First of all, I want to be totally upfront. I was born and raised Muslim by liberal parents and stopped practicing the religion in my early twenties. I was also born and...