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We Haven’t Forgotten What David France Did to Reina Gossett

Reina Gossett is a visionary and her work deserves prestige and compensation.  As a writer and an organizer, I get a warm flush a few times a month when I get a shout out on social media from my many peers and colleagues in queer feminist POC networks. The last one that gave me real...


If Rihanna Wants To Be Styled As Nefertiti, Y’All Can Keep Your Shady Remarks In The Trash Where They Belong

Perhaps Rihanna is a descendant of Nefertiti and this Vogue cover has some divine purpose. The truth is because of the genocide that was the slave trade, we’ll never know. When I first saw Rihanna’s November cover for Vogue Arabia I found her eye makeup mesmerizing. It’s quite possible the makeup artist used her limited-edition...


Hoteps: Where Are We With Them Now?

The memes we cackle at which ridicule these hoteps may be hilarious, but the high numbers of followers and subscribers they garner suggest that many of us are still struggling with our “strong Black male” problem. I give Black men a lot of leeway. My mother taught me to. She viewed men as emotionally weaker...


7 Trans and Gender Nonconforming Make-Up Artists To Follow On Instagram

There are thousands of online make-up artists to follow on Instagram and YouTube, but what about trans and gender non-conforming artists? What about artists who are welcoming towards us? We compiled a list of our favorite artists to look out for. 1. @brownbeautystandards – Don’t tell Tomi Lahren but Umber Ghauri is a professional make-up artist who specializes in...


Reading Janet Mock’s ‘Surpassing Certainty’ As A Black Trans Woman

The power of Janet Mock rests in her accessibility and relatability. Goddesses must bless Amazon’s algorithms because in late spring 2014 Janet Mock’s bounteous afro halo was featured in a little thumbnail picture of related interests thanks to my previous purchases. In her first book, “Redefining Realness,” I gained a mentor who ushered me into...