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Girlboss Feminism and the Commercialization of “Wokeness”

Hiding behind feminism allows the problematic girlboss to rebrand and remain unanswerable to the harm she has caused. Inclusivity is worn as a skin to deflect bad behavior.  TW: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse  By Gloria Oladipo Nadya Okamoto has been described as “inspirational” and a “leader of the menstrual movement” after founding the non-profit “PERIOD”...


Pink Pussy Hats, Pantsuits, and Beyond: The Symbols of White Feminism

Among the different symbols of white feminism, we see common themes of selfishness, co-option, and faux allyship emerge. CW: Sexual Assault By Gloria Oladipo Throughout history, white women have used a variety of symbols to define their “feminism” and commitment to dismantling the patriarchy and other violent systems. Here are seven of those symbols that...


White Women Are Complicit in Rape Culture Too

White women are either ignorant or indifferent to how white supremacy uses sexual violence to maintain the oppression of racialized bodies. This essay contains discussions of r/pe and sexual violence  It’s not that I don’t like white women, it’s that I can no longer fully trust them. It’s a hard lesson I’ve had to learn...


White Suffragettes Chose White Supremacy Over Collective Liberation

White Suffragettes were ready and willing—as their successors are—to abandon BIPOC to advance their own interests. White women love saying some variation of, “We are the granddaughters of the witches you could not burn”—even though no “witches” were actually burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. It would be more accurate for them...