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To Say That Disability Will Disappear When Capitalism Does is Eugenics, Not Liberation Theory

The greatest insistence that I can somehow power through my disability comes from the people that claim that my brain would simply work if capitalism was eradicated. CW/TW: Ableist language, eugenics I don’t know who decided that “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” was an accurate or effective description of what ADHD does to a person, but...


Disabled And In Love With Me: The Ableds’ Worst Nightmare

I am not blithely grateful for poor treatment and I won’t accept the bare-minimum of accessibility and inclusion. My love for myself is revolutionary. This essay contains discussions of ableism and self-harm By Imani Barbarin I was 10 when I first came across the concept of inspiration porn. I didn’t know what to call it,...