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A New Texas Abortion Law Highlights The Dangers of Citizen Policing

The law effectively legitimizes citizen policing of pregnancy and abortion, which have previously been policed primarily by the government and abusive partners. CW: lynching, anti-Black violence, miscarriage, feticide  By Kylie Cheung  A Texas abortion ban signed into law earlier this year became one of dozens of disastrous, dehumanizing abortion bills in the state, and could...


Reproductive and Disability Justice Demand Abolition

It’s not just history — reproductive coercion by the government and criminal justice system is an ongoing reality.  CW: mentions of miscarriage, reproductive violence/coercion, and sexual violence/r*pe By Kylie Cheung  In a world dominated by celebrity, few cultural moments can be more eye-opening to the oppressions of marginalized people than a horror story of someone...


Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict Won’t End Police Violence

Individualizing the system by blaming these actions on a single bad cop like Derek Chauvin misses the point entirely. Getting one violent police officer off the streets doesn’t do anything to stop police violence because policing is violent. CW: policing, murder, Black death  Yesterday, after about 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found Derek Chauvin...


Abolition Now: Black and Brown Children Will Never Be Protected By The State

The police don’t need any help demonizing Black and brown children. Society and the state treat them as older than they are, dangerous, irredeemable, and disposable. CW: policing, state violence, murder of Black and brown people, racism On March 29, police chased 13-year-old Adam Toledo into an alley around 2:30 A.M. After a seconds-long interaction,...