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How Postpartum Bodies Are Affected By Fatphobia

Being pregnant is complicated and societal standards for postpartum bodies can breed parent to child resentment. Parents struggling with image issues after giving birth may feel like the child is to blame or the pregnancy “ruined their body” and those who already suffer from eating disorders may risk miscarriage. By Aihs Eztofeid If you’ve never...


BURLESQUE: Using Our Bodies as a Form of Resistance and Joy

In this photo essay for #BodyPositivityInColor, burlesque performer Janna Zinzi (a.k.a. jazabel jade) writes about the transformative power of burlesque, its importance to Black and Brown dancers and body acceptance for non-normative bodies. By Janna Zinzi Burlesque is our legacy as Black and Brown folks. Its roots are in social and political commentary and it...


The Silent Scream That Is Cosplay

In this essay by TaLynn Kel for #BodyPositivityInColor, she discusses the politics of cosplay, how she navigates it as a fat, Black woman and why it is a liberatory form of self-expression for non-normative bodies. By TaLynn Kel My name is TaLynn Kel and I enjoy being visible. I wasn’t always able to say that....


BLACK: An Apology to My Skin—Lovechild of the Sun

In this letter for #BodyPositivityInColor Asia Renée apologizes to her skin for not cherishing it—its richness, its history and its significance as part of her identity. She acknowledges how she was raised without having the space to see herself represented as a dark-skinned Black woman and how she is finally embracing her whole self after...


DYKES: Our Sexuality Pushes Beyond the Limits of Cisheteronormativity

In their piece for #BodyPositivityInColor, James Factora explores how societal perceptions of lesbianism are often boiled down to a single experience instead of a complex and varied tapestry, and how those perceptions are severely limited by heteronormativity and marred by transphobia.  By James Factora I’ve always been visibly, obviously, loudly queer, a perception that has...