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Black Food: A Spell of Preserving and Protecting Our Culture Through Recipes

Food is a map. Meals are a bridge, a tool, that connects those most impacted by criminalization, underemployment, governmental surveillance and poverty.  By Amber Butts I didn’t receive my grandmother’s salmon croquette recipe until the end of her life. We have the same hands, our middle fingers curving right and left at the last knuckle....


How Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Anti-Blackness Perverts Hip-Hop and Promotes US Imperialism

In 2021, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work seems more cancerous than ever: a remaking of the American myth as an excuse to elide the bloodshed upon which it was founded. Midway through the second act of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda sings, “In the eye of a hurricane, there is quiet.” While Miranda’s voice is hilariously off-key and his...


Queer Artists OF India Use Art to Explore Gender and Sexuality

Queer folks in India have found limited and, often, demeaning representation in the mainstream. Some queer and genderfluid artists have used art to create better representation.  By Mehk Chakraborty In India, and South Asia in general, bias against women and other gender minorities remains prevalent across class, caste and social hierarchies. While there have historically...


Godzilla vs. Kong and the “Forgotten” Memory of Japanese Imperialism

Godzilla vs. Kong—and the further dilution of Godzilla from its origins—is the result of decades of collaboration between the US and Japan following WWII. The memory of Japanese imperialism is a burden that lies solely with survivors and descendants.  CW: discussion of r*pe, massacres, and genocide By Rui Hua Godzilla vs. Kong is an epic,...


‘Malcolm & Marie’ is a Voyeuristic Exercise in Emotional Abuse and Misogynoir

Sam Levinson’s decision to write Marie’s nonstop degradation so fastidiously shows his willingness to use Black women with little care for our actual survival. CW/TW: This piece contains minor spoilers for ‘Malcolm & Marie’, discussion of substance use, mental illness, attempted suicide, emotional abuse, ableism, and trauma. What gives a white director-turned-writer the right to...