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Girlboss Feminism and the Commercialization of “Wokeness”

Hiding behind feminism allows the problematic girlboss to rebrand and remain unanswerable to the harm she has caused. Inclusivity is worn as a skin to deflect bad behavior.  TW: Sexual Harassment, Sexual Abuse  By Gloria Oladipo Nadya Okamoto has been described as “inspirational” and a “leader of the menstrual movement” after founding the non-profit “PERIOD”...


How Men Can Be Slightly Less Trash

Cisgender men need to intentionally open themselves up to more than just their own perspectives, opinions and experiences. Cisgender men often ask me what they can do as “allies” or “accomplices” to women, femmes, trans and GNC/nonbinary people. I am usually willing to offer my thoughts on the matter, but I am often discouraged because...


Aurora Perrineau Deserves Justice From Lena Dunham’s Violent Whiteness

White women have a legacy of protecting white men, even if it means hindering their own progress and especially when it means gaslighting Black women. [TW- mention of sexual assault.] Men who attack and harass women, other men, non-binary, trans and gender non-conforming people live in our social circles. It’s a culture and it’s unavoidable but...


Incels: The Vile, Extremist Community of Men Who (Really) Hate Women

Incels’ misogyny goes beyond everyday sexism. TW: This essay contains discussion of sexual violence and gendered violence against women. It also contains passages from men who express extremely abusive, dehumanizing, and violent misogynistic beliefs. Incel – (n.) involuntary celibate or involuntary celibacy The incel community is a monstrosity far worse than “nice guys” and those...


All of Us: The Insidious Ways That Patriarchy Harms Everyone

Patriarchy prevents society from realizing that abuse broken down is a power dynamic that defeats the right of choice, which only harms everyone involved. By Barbara Muhumuza “People get used to anything. The less you think about your oppression, the more your tolerance for it grows. After a while, people just think oppression is the...