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Predating the Pain: Black Horror in Focus

There is a distinction between Black horror and horror that merely features Black characters. Black horror must engage with Black experiences, music, culture, references, or diasporic religion as central components and must be made with a Black audience in mind. By Adia Cullors Since the massive success of Get Out (2017), there has been a...


‘Candyman’ Is A Bittersweet Revival

Even if we agree that DaCosta’s Candyman is a competent enough horror film of the slasher variety, we must still ask: what work does its story do? This essay contains spoilers for Candyman (1992) and Candyman (2021) "The pain, I can assure you, will be exquisite. As for our deaths, there is nothing to fear....


Godzilla vs. Kong and the “Forgotten” Memory of Japanese Imperialism

Godzilla vs. Kong—and the further dilution of Godzilla from its origins—is the result of decades of collaboration between the US and Japan following WWII. The memory of Japanese imperialism is a burden that lies solely with survivors and descendants.  CW: discussion of r*pe, massacres, and genocide By Rui Hua Godzilla vs. Kong is an epic,...