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With Both COVID and Abortion Access, The Government Abandons Young People

The dignity, citizenship and humanity of young people have always been treated as unimportant or collateral in culture wars and both national and geopolitical conflicts.  CW: r*pe, sexual assault By Kylie Cheung  With the new school year around the corner, the Delta variant spreading rapidly among the unvaccinated, and no guidelines still on if and...


India’s Massive Vaccination Drive is Leaving Women Behind

This essay is published as part of WYV Young Voices, a column highlighting upcoming writers under the age of 21.  The vaccination disparity between men and women is due to the government’s inefficacious vaccination policy and India’s patriarchal social norms. CW: COVID-19 deaths By Shreya Kalia India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi gloated about India’s...