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When Whiteness Invades

Whiteness is always invested in taking up more space. As a result, white people often do everything in their power to make every space they enter into more comfortable for whiteness. By Sherronda J. Brown and Lara Witt Wear Your Voice is a small publication. We are run by just a few people, we have...


Lil Nas X & What it Takes to Become a Gay Black Icon

What does it mean to witness Lil Nas X not only unfold in all his complexity but also be platformed by larger media? To be the expansive, daring, playful artist that he is? By J.R. Yussuf It rattles so many of us to witness Lil Nas X, a dark skinned gay Black man, purposefully walk...


What A Black Woman Medical Provider Sees Watching The COVID-19 Pandemic Unfold

Medical racism persists beyond historical fact to become current tradition, and inequalities can only be magnified by the circumstance of an emergency. How many more opportunities for widened healthcare disparity has COVID-19 given us?  By Racquel Reid, MD As the population of the United States trudges doggedly through endless months of uncontrolled COVID-19 spread, my...


The Capitalistic Work Ethic Fallacy Creates Space For Anti-Fatness and Biphobia

The Protestant Work Ethic mythos and its presumed moral superiority have taught us that discipline should be projected onto everything, including bodies and sexualities. By Maz Hedgehog  One of the core myths of Anglo-American capitalism is the Protestant Work Ethic. The belief that Britain and America earned the wealth hoarded by their ruling classes through...


Bella Eiko’s Story. Ramsey Orta Is No Martyr.

Ramsey Orta is not the revolutionary leader he has been made out to be. He may be another victim of targeted state violence, as Eric Garner was, but he is also a violent abuser. By Kika D. & Dani  TW: details of state violence, anti-Black violence, domestic/interpersonal abuse, and misogynoir. “People love evidence. If there...