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“Bisexual Men Are The Best In Bed” Is Fetishistic Biphobia

Using bisexual+ men’s presumed superlativeness encourages sexual intrigue firmly rooted in the biphobic reduction of bisexual+ men to objects of sexual pleasure.  TW: biphobia, sexual violence/rape culture, mention of sexual abuse against boys, mention of genitalia, fetishization of bisexual+ men, misogyny  By J.R. Yussuf “Bisexual men are the best in bed” is a comment that...


Queer Artists OF India Use Art to Explore Gender and Sexuality

Queer folks in India have found limited and, often, demeaning representation in the mainstream. Some queer and genderfluid artists have used art to create better representation.  By Mehk Chakraborty In India, and South Asia in general, bias against women and other gender minorities remains prevalent across class, caste and social hierarchies. While there have historically...


The Capitalistic Work Ethic Fallacy Creates Space For Anti-Fatness and Biphobia

The Protestant Work Ethic mythos and its presumed moral superiority have taught us that discipline should be projected onto everything, including bodies and sexualities. By Maz Hedgehog  One of the core myths of Anglo-American capitalism is the Protestant Work Ethic. The belief that Britain and America earned the wealth hoarded by their ruling classes through...


How a Pandemic Helped Me Come Into My Gender Identity

The pandemic allowed me to cultivate joy and explore gender identity without the expectations and gaze of others. By Mirusha Yogarajah  The pandemic bought me time.  I thought about how I, for 26 years, conformed to the desires of the men around me, and about the women who conformed to the desires of men around...


Queer Bangladeshis Don’t Need Your Toxic Allyship

Toxic allies often end up unintentionally working together with homophobes. Queer people in Bangladesh deserve genuine allyship. TW/CW: this article contains mentions of queerphobia, homophobia, harassment, abuse, and murder. By Rasel Ahmed Queer Bangladeshi community organizers are witnessing another dangerous surge of homophobic attacks online in Bangladesh. Hundreds of people are making anti-LGBTQ+ videos and...


LGBTQIA+ Believers Deserve More than Jackie Hill Perry and KevOnStage

KevOnStage made the decision to use his platform to amplify Jackie Hill Perry’s harmful messages, and during Pride month no less. We demand accountability. By Candace Simpson Last Monday night, I had just finished hosting an Instagram live session on Christianity and Queerness. It was church. Queer and trans believers of all ages and experiences...