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Ambient Trauma: Giving Name To The Burgeoning Pains Of Our Times

Healing from ambient trauma will require destroying the ideologies and systems that engender harm and in their place cultivating more just and caring ways of living.  CW: discussion of trauma in the general & abstract form (i.e. no specific details), with occasional reference to specific environmental disasters and general events By Jonathan Fisk Nobody is...


Jameela Jamil Is Unqualified To Be A Mental Health Advocate

Not only is Jameela Jamil ill-equipped to be a mental health advocate, she has shown that she doesn’t care to learn better. By Candice Alaska [TW: brief mention of gun violence and murder, sexual violence towards women, and police violence towards disabled BIPOC.] Ever one to be a part of the discourse, self-described “Feminist-in-Progress” and...


What A Psychiatric Hold Taught Me About Prison and Policing

Both the police and the mental health industry treat us inhumanly by taking us away from our homes and placing us in cells. By Treva Flores  “Treva Flores… 1995. Treva. God. Treva God Brain. But Treva Not God. Treva,” my head raced while two police officers handcuffed me. I was 5150’d, later changed to a...


Submitting To Death: What My Grief Is Teaching Me

Embracing the discomforts of grief helped me to stop wrestling with both death and life. Sometimes grief is simply not allowing what is dead to die. This essay discusses death, grief, and mental health, and mentions suicide By Namupa Shivute 2019 was a year of upheaval. Much of what was foundational in my world crashed...