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This Is What Being Black at a Trump Rally Looks Like

How does it feel to attend a Trump rally while Black? Just ask the 30 Black students from Valdosta State University, who were booted out of an event Monday evening simply for standing in the bleachers, quiet. Or the young woman from Lousiville, Kentucky, Shiya Nwanguma, who was accosted by Neo-Nazi and white supremacist Trump...


Trump Wins Super Tuesday. Here’s a Look at His Supporters

If it’s not clear by now, Donald Trump bodied every other candidate in the Republican primary during 2016 Super Tuesday showdown. EVERYBODY. He racked up on delegates — 30 in Georgia; 20 in Alabama; 26 in Tennessee, just to name a tiny few. No other Republican candidate came close to his numbers. Not Cruz. Not...


llinois Bill Slut Shames Single Moms

The villainization of rape victims and single mothers continues with Illinois’s proposed bill HB6064. As conservatives continue to push anti-abortion legislation on one side, telling women that they are morally deficient for choosing one, but punishing single mothers who keep the children with this bill, the struggle for single mothers gets worse. It should come...


No, David Cameron. Muslim Women Aren’t ‘Traditionally Submissive’

Recently, British Prime Minister David Cameron became the direct eye of a Twitter storm, which ended up being more of a full-blown hurricane. The reason for the uproar was the response to a comment Cameron made regarding the “traditional submissiveness” of Muslim women. The comment was attributed to Cameron by a government source concerning an English language test the...


How White Fear Breeds Terrorism

The system of white supremacy has left the United States in a precarious situation, one in which hateful policies inflicted on people of color around the world have been retaliated against through vicious acts of terrorism both domestically and abroad.  But before we point fingers at foreign enemies, we must examine the motives and thoughts...


Argentina’s Second Woman President Leaves Office

While Americans lament on the idea of Hillary Clinton possibly being our first woman in the office of POTUS, Argentina’s second woman president,  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (CFK) leaves office this week after two consecutive terms at the helm. Unlike the US,  Argentine law dictates that an elected president may not run more than two consecutive...