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Grind: How Productivity Culture and the Pressure of Black Excellence Fueled My Addiction

Productivity culture and its capitalist mama do not love you, will never love you and will never grant you rest—especially if you are Black.  CW: This piece discusses drug use and addiction By Sabine Bradley I’m not sure that I’ll ever be excellent. In a white supremacist capitalist world, excellence is only reached, only recognized,...


What A Black Woman Medical Provider Sees Watching The COVID-19 Pandemic Unfold

Medical racism persists beyond historical fact to become current tradition, and inequalities can only be magnified by the circumstance of an emergency. How many more opportunities for widened healthcare disparity has COVID-19 given us?  By Racquel Reid, MD As the population of the United States trudges doggedly through endless months of uncontrolled COVID-19 spread, my...


Centering White Allies In Black Liberation Destroys Our Movements

Centering white allies in our movements shifts them from being unapologetically pro-Black to becoming about what white people need to cope with their guilt. By Gloria Oladipo “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”  This is what Terry Crews—our...


The History of Consumption and The Cannibalistic Nature of Whiteness

Europeans devouring Egyptian mummies. The Donner Party cannibalizing their Indigenous American guides. White people have consumed the Other in many ways. TW/CW: This essay discusses cannibalism, murder, lynching, suicide, and bodily mutilation  Mercy Brown was not the first to die. Her mother and sister had already gone, nearly a decade before her. Still, Mercy would...


Black Children Are Most At Risk For High Blood Lead Levels

These findings on blood lead are impacted by various other systemic issues facing Black communities in the U.S., in addition to further contributing to them.  Deniz “Dersim” Yeter is an undergraduate Nursing student working and studying in Kansas. Their team recently completed a study on racial disparities in blood lead levels among children under the...


Tesco (Allegedly) Stole Their Diverse Bandaids from a Black Creative and Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

Tesco’s actions are part of a pattern of disenfranchisement of Black entrepreneurs who are trying to build their business to serve communities of color. One thing you can count on people of no color to have…is the audacity. Or rather…the caucasity. And this episode of The Audacity of Caucasity stars British supermarket chain Tesco and...