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A New Texas Abortion Law Highlights The Dangers of Citizen Policing

The law effectively legitimizes citizen policing of pregnancy and abortion, which have previously been policed primarily by the government and abusive partners. CW: lynching, anti-Black violence, miscarriage, feticide  By Kylie Cheung  A Texas abortion ban signed into law earlier this year became one of dozens of disastrous, dehumanizing abortion bills in the state, and could...


Reproductive and Disability Justice Demand Abolition

It’s not just history — reproductive coercion by the government and criminal justice system is an ongoing reality.  CW: mentions of miscarriage, reproductive violence/coercion, and sexual violence/r*pe By Kylie Cheung  In a world dominated by celebrity, few cultural moments can be more eye-opening to the oppressions of marginalized people than a horror story of someone...


Sterilisation and Eugenics In The Global South Are Championed By White Women

To picture white women carrying the mantle of racist eugenic discourse, forced sterilisation and violent action, little suspension of disbelief is required. This essay contains discussions of scientific racism, forced sterilisation, and racist reproductive violences against people of color.  By Adrie Rose There is nothing new about eugenics. It’s certainly undergone rebranding, PR campaigns, re-naming,...


Reproductive Coercion Needs To Be Talked About More

Although there is a textbook definition of reproductive coercion, it can be hard to identify and many people don’t realize they’ve experienced it… including me. By Ray Elise Rhodes TW: This essay makes mention of reproductive abuse, domestic and sexual violence. Please read with care. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, reproductive...


The United States War with Iran is a Reproductive Justice Issue

The reproductive justice framework necessarily compels us to be anti-imperialist. By Lily Bolourian The framework of reproductive justice tells us that when we are looking to plan our families and choose our destinies, we have the inherent “human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have...


Marshae Jones and how the Criminalization of Miscarriages Fits In With Abortion Laws

What is happening to Marshae Jones is yet another reminder that the pro-choice movement must move towards reproductive justice. TW/CW: This essay discusses miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy loss, and gun violence.  Marshae Jones was taken into custody in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday after being indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury on manslaughter charges for the...