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Sex education courses need to include asexuality

Students aren’t being taught in formative sex education courses that asexuality is in fact a valid sexual orientation, leaving some ace students feeling lonely or “sexually broken.”  This essay discusses sexual coercion and mentions r*pe By Ebony Purks Since coming out as asexual a little over a year ago, I’ve noticed how adequate asexual representation...


Disrupting Mental Health Stigma with Amanda Rosenberg

Both Tauruses, Amanda Rosenberg and I are no stranger to attempting to cure our mental illness by bulldozing our way through it. CW: This story mentions sexual violence and suicide. My vocal self-advocacy after surviving sexual violence has more often than not put me at odds with my parents. In the immediate aftermath of the...


Minority Health Month: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

For Minority Health Month our reading list illustrates how settler-colonialism is an ongoing project dependent on ensuring that health inequities affecting BIPOC continue to thrive. April is National Minority Health Month. Like many different iterations of white supremacy and systemic oppression, “good health” is discussed in ways that put the onus of health on the...


Beyond The Dick Pic: A Guide To Taking Artful Nudes

Taking nudes allows you to explore your body; to fall in love with what you see reflected on the other side of the flash; to see your body in ecstasy. By Sherronda J. Brown, Lara Witt, and Da’Shaun Harrison Humans have appreciated nude art for centuries, as well as nude photography and recordings for as...


What It’s Like To Have OCD During A Pandemic

As the world rushes to buy hospital masks and latex gloves, my OCD has made me feel like I am in on some kind of secret: the true cost of fear and panic. TW/CW: this article mentions suicidal ideation By Gloria Oladipo These past few weeks have been surreal for me. As someone who has...


Cannabis and PTSD: Holistic Healing For Survivors Of Sexual Violence

Cannabis shows promise of truly holistic healing for survivors of sexual trauma as a tool for physical, emotional and spiritual recovery from PTSD. TW: mentions of sexual assault, PTSD By Ashley Keenan We are failing survivors of sexual assault and sex-based violence with a lack of holistic treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD disproportionately...