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Black Lives Still Matter to NBA Players Even If The League Doesn’t Think So

What has been obscured by statements about NBA progressivity is the fact that players, and not the league itself, are leading the resistance.  This essay discusses state-sanctioned violence and  Black death  By Aja Witt Positioned at the intersection of a global pandemic, a presidential election, and nationwide protests against the repeated killing of Black people...


The Institutionalized Repression Of Queer And Transgender Rights in Ghana

The absence of media reporting on violence against queer and transgender Ghanaians dismisses the realities of harm that the community experiences and sustains a narrative that we are not human.  By Anima Adjepong Ghana prides itself on being one of the friendliest and most welcoming African countries. Building upon a history of pan-African activism, diaspora/heritage...


Abolition Means Removing Policing From Our Teaching and Thinking

Finding solutions outside of increased policing requires creativity, imagination, the dismantling of carcerality and white supremacy, and an investment in community resources. By Victoria Collins The work of abolition calls us to imagine something new, but this imagining is not done all at once. To abolish the police as an institution we have to understand,...


Dalit Feminists Should Be The Leaders of The Women’s Rights Movement In India

The voices of Dalit feminists are often unrepresented and contradictory to the needs of mainstream feminists. By Jhilam Gangopadhyay TW: this article contains mentions of sexual assault For generations, the feminist movement has primarily represented privileged white women while the oppression of poor, working-class women, Black, indigenous and women of color, was often rendered invisible...