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Climate Change Disasters Leave Fat And Disabled People Even More Vulnerable To Harm

Hospitals don’t have evacuation plans in place to care for fat and disabled patients in the most disastrous moments. TW: mention of “ob*sity,” murder, and general anti-fat anti-Black violence Earth’s climate is changing. Drastically and rapidly. Glaciers are melting; ecosystems are shifting; temperatures are changing and sea levels are rising. But what is perhaps most...


Jackie Hill Perry Cannot Separate Herself From The Antagonizing Nature of The Church

Jackie Hill Perry somehow thinks that she is separate from the anti-Black, anti-fat, colonialist nature of the Church. She is not. Days ago, an accomplished poet by the name of Jackie Hill Perry was invited to discuss her relationship to the Church and her sexuality by KevOnStage—a popular YouTube personality. The hour-long conversation between the...


Leaning Into Insecurity and Ugliness As An Essential Politic

I want us to know Insecurity as intimately as we know the marginalized pieces of ourselves: as valid, as identities, and as political. insecure[ in-si-kyoor ] adjective subject to fears, doubts, etc.; not self-confident or assured:  not confident or certain; uneasy; anxious:  not secure; exposed or liable to risk, loss, or danger:  insecurity[ in-si-kyooredē ]...


Committing Harm Is Not The Same As Being Abusive

In conflating harm with abuse, we contribute to disposability politics and stray further away from a more just future of accountability and healing. This essay discusses sexual violence and mentions r/pe My queer parent, Hunter Shackelford, and I sit around and talk a lot. For hours, most days. At the genesis of our relationship, one...


Surviving Capitalism Through The Protection of Community

What I learned from these two years is that capitalism is not something you ever truly survive. You are a slave to the world until the world is no more. CW/TW: mentions of sexual assault, gun violence, houselessness, and more in the following essay. Reader’s discretion is advised. I have written some very hard pieces...