Chicago Woman Dies After Being Stabbed During ‘Domestic Dispute’ on Train

Home News & Politics Chicago Woman Dies After Being Stabbed During ‘Domestic Dispute’ on Train


The Chicago Sun-Times has reported a 25-year-old woman being stabbed to death Thursday afternoon after a conversation she was having with a man, presumed to be her boyfriend, turned into a heated argument on Chicago’s Red Line train. Witnesses reported the couple arguing before the man pulled out a knife, stabbing her in the neck multiple times. Some of the witnesses reported to police they heard the two disputing over a child. The incident occurred  at 12:33 pm going Southbound near 47th Street Red Line stop The unidentified woman was announced dead at the scene.

According to the Sun-Times, First Deputy Supt. John Escalante called the attack a ‘domestic dispute’. The suspect surrendered to police custody after the train approached the platform.  We will update this story as new information is released.

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