Earth Day: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

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BIPOC are at the forefront of fighting to save our lives, land, and resources from the devastation of colonialism. Here is our Earth Day reading list.

Earth Day is often used as an opportunity to place the weight of the Earth’s rapidly changing climate on individuals. If we recycle and do beach clean-ups and water our plants, perhaps we’ll save the planet. The reality, however, is that climate change is not the fault of the individual; it is a result of capitalism, imperialism, and settler-colonialism. Our changing climate is a mere response to businesses privatizing our water supply; the United States government waging war on countries in the global south for oil and gas; environmental racism leading to food deserts, dying farms, and BIPOC neighborhoods ill-equipped to handle natural disasters.

At Wear Your Voice, we prioritize the voices and lives of BIPOC who have been experiencing the immediate harm of settler-colonialism since its genesis, but who have also been at the forefront of fighting to save our lives, land, and resources. Below, you can read varying essays on what climate change is, how capitalism and colonialism play a major role in it, and how BIPOC are organizing against it.

Climate Change 

19 Youth Climate Activists of Color Who Are Fighting To Protect The Earth

10 Films That (Unintentionally) Have Something to Say About Climate Change

What Donald Trump’s Presidency Means for Climate Change and Environmental Justice

Colonialism and Capitalism 

Words Mean Things: Understanding Colonialism

The Lasting, Racist Legacy of Colonialism on the Environment 

Humans Are Not The Virus—Don’t Be An Eco-Fascist

How Thanos Fits Into Real-World Myths of Overpopulation and Scarcity

Dismantling the Ideas of “Natural” and “Wild” in the Environmental Movement

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Race & Environmental Justice 

The Price Increase for National Parks is Another Form of Environmental Racism 

How Environmental Racism Affects Indigenous Communities in the USA

Yes, Environmental Racism is Real and It Is Devastating. 

These Muslim Groups are Caring for the Environment as Part of Their Faith

If You Care About The Environment, Then You Should Care About Black Lives 

Why Black People Will Lead the Food Sovereignty Revolution


8 Reasons These Hobbity Earthships Might Lead to a Promising Future

Part One: Black-Owned Urban Farms in Atlanta

Part Two: Black-Owned Urban Farms in the DMV

Part Three: Black-owned Urban Farms in California

George Washington Carver: Touching Infinity