Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton Despite Exposing Corporate Agenda in 2004

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Remember That Time Elizabeth Warren Criticized Hillary Clinton For Being Cozy With Wall Street?

Most people who followed Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s political career expected her to endorse Bernie Sanders. That’s no small statement or hyperbole. It’s informed opinion based a recent history.

In terms of political ideology, Warren leaned more toward Bernie. In the senate, the two worked on progressive bills together and were often at odds with their congressional colleagues. They’re both outspoken critics of modern plutocracy and  “Wall-Street crusaders,” a far cry from the Democratic presumptive presidential nominee, who spent most of the primary explaining away her Wall Street speeches. A chunk of those speeches was commissioned by Goldman Sachs, one of the financial institutions responsible for the 2008 economic crisis. Like Sanders, Goldman Sachs was the constant foil of Warren’s criticism of the corrupting influence of corporate money on democracy in American politics.

Maybe she wouldn’t join a Sanders ticket, but history seemed to point to an endorsement of the democratic socialist. History suggested that she would never back Clinton, especially because something that happened back in the early 2000s.

Watch Prof. Warren calmly pick apart the shadiness of Clinton and Democratic Party back in 2004, chastising the then-Senator for supporting the overhaul of bankruptcy laws in 2001:



Like we said, all the signs pointed toward Warren endorsing Sanders. But that’s not what happened.

She did not endorse Sanders. She did not “feel the Bern.” She endorsed the very individual whose flip-flopping and underhanded deceit she so clearly and cogently unpacked in the Bill Moyers interview you just watched. And it’s important that we take note of that.

It is a testimony, a confirmation, that no one’s moral compass, no one’s concern for and connection to the working class, to people of color, to the LGBTQ community, to all marginalized communities are safe in Washington.

No one.

Don’t take our word for it. Take a look at a recent interview Warren gave on CBS’s This Morning.  Yep, you read right — CBS.

Of all media stations, CBS asked Warren point blank if Clinton should release the transcripts of Wall Street speeches. Listen to how Warren responds:



Notice the difference? How could you not? It’s glaring and incredibly heartbreaking.

Is there a long-term game plan behind this endorsement? Is this strategy? Compromise? We can’t be sure. We know that she, like the rest of America, is desperate to defeat Donald Trump. But is it worth risking your political integrity?

Is it?

In any case, we’d like to take a moment to memorialize the old Elizabeth Warren. We’ll miss her.

Featured Image: Bip America, Creative Commons