Enby Is For Enbies. Wild Flower Sex Is Trying To Claim Ownership Of The Term.

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Enby is for an entire marginalized community. It should never be privatized and owned. The lengths to which white people will go to claim illegitimate ownership is unconscionable.

Wild Flower Sex is at it again. This time, they are callously attempting to trademark the term “enby” for their sex toys and shut down a Black trans non-binary owned sex toy company called Enby in the process. 

From @shopenby’s Instagram story

Enby is a term specifically for non-binary people, and no private entity should ever be able to trademark and capitalize on a term meant to describe an entire community, especially a marginalized group. 

The Enby sex toy shop—described as a “one stop shop for all things lusty [striving] to create a safer, and more comfortable sex-toy shopping experience for the Queer community and more specifically Gender Non-conforming, Trans and Non-binary people”—shared a copy of the Cease and Desist letter they received via email in a recent Instagram post. The subject line reads, “Your Unlawful Use of Wild Flower’s Intellectual Property” and the document claims that Wild Flower already owns the term “enby.” They do not. 

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According to Enby, Wild Flower has also had the @shopenby Instagram account flagged and temporarily disabled, has tried to get Shopify to remove their website, and has demanded that Enby hand over their social media handle, website url, and all log-in information associated with them.

It is unconscionable, the length to which white people will go in order to claim ownership over things that do not belong to them, that have never belonged to them. Not only are they attempting to steal and then profit from something that is meant for a community of marginalized folks—trying to prohibit enbies from using enby, such is the violence and absurdity of colonizers—but they are also out to destroy a business by and for enbies. 

Wear Your Voice stands in support of Enby and against the owners of Wild Flower Sex, who have proven themselves to be anti-Black and harmful to queer Black folks in the sexuality space. We stand against and condemn any and all companies which share Wild Flower’s values and continue to work with them knowing the harm they have caused, helping to uphold white supremacy and perpetuate it in the sexuality profession. 

Enby is a term for a community of marginalized folks whose gender exists beyond the binary. It is not a thing to be owned and used for profit by Wild Flower Sex or anyone else. You can support Enby by sharing and donating to their legal defense fund to help them fight Wild Flower’s lawsuit. 

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