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Whether it be through prayer, meditation or dream speak, now is the perfect time to begin to navigate this power we are all capable of holding.

We pay homage to our ancestors. We recognize and give thanks to the ancestors whose names we know and those we don’t. We pay gratitude for their continued communicative efforts with us, for their guidance on our healing and their acts to ensure our return to them; our return to ourselves. Give thanks for our communion. Ase.

Natoya Hall is a seer who knows that her purpose in this life is to awaken others to their healing gifts, and carry messages of divine healing from the ancestral realm to ours. Her method is millions of years old, practiced by her Caribbean ancestors, and it has not only allowed her to transform the lives of her community, but it has healed her along the way.

Hall is an energy worker, which she describes as an individual who “can harness the intricate energies of the Universe to heal self and others…[someone who] can access that portal within themselves that activates their infinite healing power.” And through opening this portal, one can freely commune with guides and ancestors, such that divine healing knowledge is communicated in-depth.

As a Spiritual Guide and Tarot Reader, she works through clairvoyant and clairaudient communion with whom she defines as guides, ancestors, angels and God (Creator). She, like other healers/witches, works with spiritual energy. Spiritual energy, called ‘ase’ in Yoruban teachings, is the life-force that breathes existence into this earth, and it is with this force that we can create and shift circumstances on this earth, through blessing from the gods and our guides. It is this spiritual energy, or ase, that is fueled with the ancestral love that Hall believes facilitates her ability to heal (with) energy.


She remembers being overcome with warmth and a sense of safety at first encounter with her guides. “We love you so much and are so glad that you can see us and speak with us,” was the first greeting Hall received upon her awakening, realizing that a lot of what she had been taught about fear and God were concepts that were crumbling before her in the face of Creator’s messengers.

Hall was raised in Spanish Town, Jamaica, a community that is so inextricably tied to spiritual communion, and yet, due to colonial Christianity, is so deeply afraid of it. She often found herself questioning the ‘good’ or the ‘truth’ in the experiences she’d had with misogynistic dogma in her country’s dominant religion. At 16, she ran away from home to create and define her safe space, and it was upon finding her unquestioned independence that she discovered her true calling as a healer. Her awakening, or ‘initiation’, happened at 18, as the result of reading a Sylvia Browne book titled, “The Other Side And Back”. It was here that she began regular meditation and prayer.

Upon retreating into solitude and creating space in her head for non-regimented, independent thought, it was in this silence that her empathic abilities became something she understood. Hall began to get to know what thoughts were hers and what thoughts were being picked up from others, and she began to sense, transform, awake and change the energy in herself and others. “I learned how to [work with others’] energy to become the healer; what to do to separate myself from what is another’s and what is mine.”


And that is where spirit stepped in. Spirit (an umbrella term to describe guides, ancestors and angels) confirmed for her that “[we] are…divine being[s] experiencing [Creator] through the body. God said, “You don’t understand the magnitude of who you are [here] on earth.”” She believes that Creator meant all people, and as she continues to explore the magnitude of her divine being, it is this realization that continues to propel her into healing.

Hall found like-minded individuals to share these experiences with — practicing tarot, energy healing and channeling — and she found her abilities became strengthened. She believes that one of the biggest catalysts to her healing through spirit came from reintroducing herself to herself, allowing the old aspects of her character to fall off including her fear, her self-imposed limitations, her doubt, and shedding the people who fanned those emotions. In shedding these aspects she began to truly see her light-being — her divinity — removed from pre-text or construct. Just her and the ase that flowed through her.

“Everyone that is here on earth right now, is the best of the best reincarnated at this time; the best healers, herbalists, alchemists are on earth right now, because of the great awakening; we are transitioning from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 5th dimensional planet. Never question the power that you hold within yourself, because you are the best of the best. Always go back to breath, your soul; yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed with hype. Remember who you are: the spark of God created in human form. You are mighty powerful.” ~ Channeled to Natoya from Spirit

With the Lionsgate portal that was activated during eclipse season, and multiple planets stationed retrograde, our unease can be connected to the shifts in spiritual energy we are experiencing due to the mass awakening. “We are just reconstructing [our ancestor’s] knowledge, but there is nothing new about it. We are simply contextualizing with our knowledge and current experiences,” explained Hall, “but this is why our ancestors speak through us; so we can make it relevant to [our communities] today. They are [our] elders above [our] elders.” And our elders want, above all else, our collective healing.

As we are collectively propelled into purpose, we must trust that spirit has our back. See spirit as our greatest ally. We need not be afraid. They have been waiting for us to open up to them. They, too, seek our healing. Whether it be through prayer, meditation or dream speak, now is the perfect time to begin to navigate this power we are all capable of holding.

Here are some activities that Hall suggests for stimulating our spirit speak and healing gifts:

  • Automatic Writing:
    • Get a pen and paper.
    • Call in a spirit who is of the light to come to you.
    • Ask them anything, be open; they are not regimented or stuck-up.
    • Begin by free-writing anything; your name and age or how you’re feeling.
    • With regular practice, your handwriting will start to change and someone may come through you; you may also see or hear them.
    • They will tell you who they are, just ask!
  • Meditate / Go To Nature:
    • Walking meditation in a natural space (park, around a fire, beach) will take you back to breath.
    • If you have trouble with meditation, walk barefoot in natural space and notice it’s qualities;the running stream or crackling fire. It will take you to a meditative state without having to be intentional about it.
  • Play casually with oracle cards to aid intuition:
    • The image on the oracle deck opens you up to self-interpretation; the tarot has specific representations that guide a reading
    • See what comes up for you when laying out cards without looking at a guide-book.
    • Practice! Practice! Practice!


Reach out to Hall through her website: www.natoyahall.com or on Instagram @natoya_hall / @chakra_messenger.


Featured Image: Jocelyn Reynolds


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