How Misogynoir Shows Up In Our Lives: A Wear Your Voice Reading List

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Properly addressing misogynoir requires the dismantling of both patriarchy and white supremacy, as well as uprooting capitalism and colonialist thought. 

Our politic at Wear Your Voice has always been and will forever be rooted in an intersectional feminism because we recognize that the liberation of assigned, assumed, and affirmed Black womxn is imperative to the liberation of all of us. Misogynoir describes both the anti-Blackness and misogyny that Black womxn experience together, because their Blackness and womxn-ness are never divorced from one another. Properly addressing misogynoir requires the dismantling of both patriarchy and white supremacy, as well as uprooting capitalism and colonialist thought. 

But even those who know of misogynoir often only have a surface level understanding of the term and how the phenomenon shows up in our lives. From interpersonal relationships to institutional measures, misogynoir informs Black womxn’s experiences and it is a constant fixture of their existence. It rears its head and manifests itself in a multitude of ever-evolving ways, shaping how the world regards Black womxn and sometimes even skewing Black womxn’s perceptions of themselves. 

Friendships, romantic entanglements, and familial relations. Pregnancy, childbirth, and reproductive care. Interactions with police and the criminal justice system, health care, medical aid, education, and housing. Misogynoir determines how Black womxn experience all of these things and more. Even fatphobic ideology and much of the sexual repression in colonized nations are directly drawn from ideas about Black womxn’s bodies and hypersexualization. 

Moreover, societal understandings of Black womxnhood means that Black womxn are ignored when they speak on these experiences. This is why WYV will always be a platform to uplift these testimonies. Below is a collection of all the articles which address these very topics.

Misogynoir 101

Black Women Suffer From The Highest Rates of Domestic Violence Because of Misogynoir

How Misogynoir Limits our Empathy for Black Women Like Chikesia Clemons

We All Failed Oluwatoyin Salau. All of Us.

“Bitches Don’t Know What They Want”: On Unsolicited Dick Offers And Misogynoir

Feminism 101: A Cheat Sheet on Sexism, Misogyny, Misogynoir and More

Why Black Queer Men Must Fight Misogynoir

“Not all Black men,” They Insist. To That I Say, Prove It.

Black Youth Project 100 Launches Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence

From Black Men to White Women: Black Women Ain’t Real to You

I Stayed Silent Because Black Girls and Women Like Me Aren’t Listened To

We Don’t Care About Black Women and Femmes, So We Need #SayHerName

Misogyny Against Black And Brown Women & Femmes Is Still Celebrated

Black Women And Femmes Are Under Attack And We Need To Talk About It

Oklahoma Officer David Holtzclaw Targeted 13 Black Women To Rape, and No One Is Talking About It?

It Has Nothing To Do With Clothing — Black Women’s Bodies Are Hypersexualized No Matter What We Wear

How Many More: On Kenneka Jenkins and The Value of Black Girls


WNBA Fining Players For Protesting Police Brutality Is Misogynoir At Its Finest

T.I.’s Violation of His Daughter is a Blatant Form of Misogynoir

Lizzo, Whitney Houston, and The Curious Case of “Racial Transcendence”

Black Girls Like Anime. That’s It. Send Tweet.

White Feminism, Brown Skin: Jameela Jamil Is Who She Claims to Protest

Hot Girl Summer is a Declaration of Unconditional Self-Love

The Magic of ‘Fast Color’ and Everything It Is Up Against

The Brilliance of Lupita Nyong’o and Black Womxnhood in ‘Us’

Don’t Forget That Black Womxn Worked To Make R. Kelly Face Consequences

Mo’Nique’s Integrity Throws A Spotlight On Steve Harvey’s Lack Of It

The Black Patriarchy is Wrapped Up In The Dehumanization Of Black Women

Fuck Lena Dunham And The White Feminist Horse She Rode In On

Aurora Perrineau Deserves Justice From Lena Dunham’s Violent Whiteness

The World Owes Serena Williams An Apology

We Need Beyoncé’s Unapologetic Pro-Blackness in Mainstream Spaces

Nakia is the Unsung Hero of ‘Black Panther’

The Black Feminist Argument for ‘Black Panther’

A Wrinkle in Time’s Representation is Just as Important as Black Panther

What the Dora Milaje Means to Black Women

Black Women Aren’t Boycotting “Black Panther” Because of Michael B. Jordan’s Alleged Girlfriend

Cardi B And Ciara Represent A Cinderella Story Society Is Not Used To: The Victorious “Hoe”

Powerpuff Girl Bliss Presents a Familiar Mirror of Scientific Abuse of Black Women

Future Needs to Leave Ciara the F*ck Alone

Now *YOU* Need to Leave Ciara the F*ck Alone.

How White People Deploy Dog-Whistles To Harm Black Film Critics

White Tragedy is Not the Burden for Black Feminists

R. Kelly Is A Predator, But He Gets Away With It Because We Don’t Protect Black Girls

TNT’s “Claws” Celebrates Black Women’s Sexuality

25 Things That Are More Supportive of Black Women Than Terry Crews

Comics Companies Need To Hire More Black Women

Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian Just Keep Stealing from Black Women

‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Treats Black Characters As Sacrifices

Black Hollywood Has a Black Patriarchy Problem

How The White Gaze Mistreats Black Witches in Film

The Way ‘Nappily Ever After’ Attempts To Celebrate Black Hair Is Actually Harmful

Do We Really Believe That Black Girls Rock?

Bill O’Reilly Sexually Harrases A Black Woman But Calls Black Culture Immoral

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A Reminder For Black Women: You Don’t Owe The World A Damn Thing

Social Media Will Be the Death of Me: A Black Sex Worker’s Lament

Nothing About Being Black is Easy, Including Our Hair Care.

Online Dating is Terrible and I Give Up

White Feminists Keep Denying Black Women’s Humanity

Europe Won’t Rescue the Hearts of Black Women, Here’s Why

I Have No Shame In My Difficult Black Girl Name

Keaton Jones, Ashawnty Davis and the White Supremacist Limits of Empathy

Death To “Ride or Die” Trope: Why It’s Time For Us To Abandon An Unhealthy Model of Black Love

Organizing for Liberation Ain’t Free When Capitalism Rules Everything Around Me

Dear Black Men: Black Women’s Lives Matter, Too

You Can’t Say Black Lives Matter Without Including Black Sex Workers

Disabled And In Love With Me: The Ableds’ Worst Nightmare

Black Women Aren’t Your Political Mules

Bill and Hillary Clinton — Black Women Ain’t Your “Mammy”

Don’t Forget About Black Women During Your Women’s March on Washington

What Would You Wear If You Weren’t Stealing From Black Girls?

Why We Need To Free Black Mamas for Mother’s Day and Beyond

The Romanticization of Ted Bundy—Or Why You’ve “Never Heard Of A Black Serial Killer”

Decentering Black Male Paragons During Black History Month

A Black Woman’s Labor for Harvey Victims Was Overlooked By NPR

Intersectionality Ain’t For White Women

I Am Teaching My Son To Respect Me As A Black Woman & A Sex Worker

Ugly: How Beauty Was Built Upon White Supremacy

Fatphobia and Misogynoir

Why Fat Humanity Is Not Governed By Fuckability

‘The Circle’ On How We Treat Black Women and Fat People Online

Unraveling The Fatphobia Behind The Criticisms Of Lizzo

Fat Black Women Deserve Fulfilling, Enjoyable Sex Without Compromise

There Is No Liberation For All Bodies Without The Liberation of Fat Black Women And Femmes

The Body Positivity Movement Both Takes From And Erases Fat Black Women

Bittersweet Like Me: When the Lemonade Ain’t Made For Fat Black Women & Femmes

Messy: Body Positivity Means Telling The Whole Truth And Finally Putting Myself First

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Sex and Health

Black Women Suffer From Eating Disorders Too, Stop Pushing Us Out Of Those Conversations

Wild Flower Sex is a Lesson in White Abuse of Power

Nobody Believes That Black Women are in Pain, and It’s Killing Us

Sterilisation and Eugenics In The Global South Are Championed By White Women

When Sexual Boundaries Are Ignored Because Men Enjoy Our Pain

Teaching My Son About Nudity and Consent is Essential

The Racist Roots of Gynecology & What Black Women Birthed

For Black And Native Women, Doulas Can Prevent Deaths

Engaging With Black Pregnancy Outside of High Childbirth Mortality Rates

How Do Black Girls Navigate Sexuality When The World Insists That We Shouldn’t At All?

Reproductive Control is About Far More Than “Women’s Bodies”

Marshae Jones and how the Criminalization of Miscarriages Fits In With Abortion Laws

Reproductive Coercion Needs To Be Talked About More

Prison Abolition is a Key Component of Reproductive Freedom

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and the Reproductive Rights Movement’s White Supremacy Problem

Karmenife X On Healing Through Being A Dominatrix And Subverting White Supremacy


How The Colonial History of Hypersexualization Obscures the Possibility of Black Asexuality

Gizelle Messina: Black Trans Women Are Here To Stay

Islan Nettles’ Murder Reminds Us Why Black Cis Men Are Black Trans Women’s Biggest Threat

Queer Black Muslim Women Are Still Kept Out Of The LGBT+ Community

Fat, Black Femmes: Do Our Black Masculine Queens Love Us?

The Breakfast Club Is Normalizing Violence Against Trans Women

Reading Janet Mock’s ‘Surpassing Certainty’ As A Black Trans Woman

Between My Thighs Is All Mine: A Journey To Accepting My Asexual Identity

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