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“Blue No Matter Who” rings very hollow with Joe Biden as the democratic nominee during a goddamn pandemic. Here are 9 reasons why we should be enraged.

TW: mentions of racism, sexual assault, COVID-19, death

Look, I get it. I was once a Vote Blue No Matter Who girl myself—and thankfully Allah is the Most Forgiving. I reluctantly mailed in my ballot to vote for Hillary Clinton from fucking France to try to save this God-forsaken country from a Donald Trump presidency. I supported a warmongering racist who never supported me for one second because I thought it was my Patriotic American Duty™ to vote for the lesser of two evils. But how fucked up is it that seemingly every four years, we as a country do a collective sigh and cast a vote for whatever person we’ve deemed least likely to ruin our goddamned lives? 

It’s so fucked up that I simply refuse to do it anymore. I will no longer subscribe to the idea that choosing between two alleged—I say alleged to not get sued, but I believe Tara Reade and all of Trump’s accusers—rapists is democracy. It’s not. You’re trying to tell me the will of the people is Trump versus Biden in the year 2020? IT’S. NOT.

Here’s a cute listicle of the reasons why I won’t be voting for Joe Biden. I don’t have all day and I’m honestly not sure the WYV website can handle an article long enough to delineate everything bad he’s ever done,  so consider this fuckshit which is just the tip of the giant iceberg:

1. The Crime Bill and Subsequent Sucky Criminal Justice Views

The 1994 law co-authored by Joe Biden has been widely criticized as a racist policy which heavily increased the targeting, arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of brown and Black people. Biden doesn’t care though! He still stands by the bill, saying it helped restore crime-ridden American cities. Sounds about white. 

If that wasn’t enough, Biden doesn’t want any of those incarcerated people he’s partially responsible for locking up to be able to vote while in prison! Letting all those people have rights might threaten his chances at winning the Democratic primary—and he couldn’t have that. What’s more dangerous than a felon voting? Maybe making a bunch of people leave their houses during a pandemic to vote for you in the Wisconsin primary despite recommendations from relevant public health officials to limit exposure?

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2. Won’t Even Let Us Legally Smoke Weed While He’s Being a Bad President

Let the states decide, he says! That’s gone super well for us in the past. *blinks in slavery*

3. Doesn’t Want to Ban Fracking 

This is bad for the earth but good for Ru Paul’s business endeavors, I guess? 

4. He’s Been Credibly Accused of Sexual Assault 

The Allyssa Milanos of the world might only care about rape allegations when they involve Republicans, but EYE believe Tara Reade. I am horrified by the fact that many of the same people who championed the #MeToo movement and highlighted the allegations against Trump are pretending they don’t know what Tara Reade so bravely shared

Every single time I say I’m a prison abolitionist, people ask me what we’ll do with the rapists. We’ll let them run for president, Karen. And we’ll shame the people who don’t unite behind the Democratic rapist to beat the Republican rapist. 

5. Doesn’t Want to Abolish ICE 

Just a reminder that there are about 34,000 people in ICE custody at the moment, and there have been reports of groups of 70 detainees sharing five bars of soap during a global pandemic. But fuck immigrants, am I right? 

6. The Way He Brings Up His Friend Barack Whenever He’s Accused of Being Racist 

I feel like the 44th President of the United States being your one Black friend is a weird flex, but ok. 

7. Was Against Integration… What Does His Friend Barack Think?!

This man straight up said that de-segregation would cause his kids to grow up in a “racial jungle.” Literally, what does that mean? Not sure how someone could spin this to not be wildly racist and offensive, but I’d love to see Kamala “that little girl was me” Harris try!

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8. Anita Hill 

We have Clarence Fucking Thomas on the Supreme Court thanks in part to Joe Biden. Are we sensing a theme here?!

9. Not into Universal Healthcare

We are in the middle of a public health crisis unlike anything we have ever seen. At the same time, millions are losing their health insurance because it was tied to their employment status and they were fired or furloughed. You know where that shit doesn’t happen? In countries with universal healthcare. The United States just lets people die of completely preventable things because we have a privatized healthcare system. That’s literally evil and Joe Biden won’t get behind Medicare for All despite knowing all of this. 

These were just nine of the reasons I will not vote for Joe Biden for president in November. There are a myriad of other reasons, but I think any one of the ones I mentioned could be considered disqualifying from the party of the so-called left. 

I don’t want you to interpret my sheer rage with the Democratic Party as hopelessness, though. The reason I’m an anarchist is because I’m hopeful. I actually believe that we as people have the capacity to care deeply for each other. I think that a new world is possible. Organizers, activists, and scholars have been writing about it and working for it for far longer than I’ve called myself a radical. We can join them in their quest to make this world more equitable, safer, and better for everyone. The best part is that we can do that without having to cast a vote for either racist rapist running for president in 2020. 

All power to all the people (except Joe Biden).