James Deen Breaks The Silence Amid Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘I Am Sorry’

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Porn star James Deen breaks the silence for the first time in an exclusive interview with the Daily Beast published on Tuesday. News first broke of alleged rapes On Nov. 28 after porn actress Stoya took to Twitter of allegations that James Deen raped her while they were dating.

@stoya calls out her rapist on Twitter.

Following Stoyas revelation, other women began coming forward, recounting similar stories of Deen leveraging his celebrity status as ‘the boy next door’ to sodomize, rape and sexually assault the women-nine in total. In another piece published in The Daily Beast, porn actress Tori Lux said Deen sexually assaulted her and punched her in the face after she refused to ‘sniff his testicles.’ Deen has been put on another porn actresses’  ‘no list’ of people to work with because he almost raped her while she was bathing in a communal shower. Deen’s ex Joanna Angel, whom he dated for six years, showed support for the women described her time with Deen as  a ‘cycle of abusive behavior’.

Yesterday celebrity teen mom Farrah Abraham, who had her  X-rated debut with Deen in “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom,” alleged that Deen raped her during the time the tape was released in 2013.  In an interview with The Daily Mail, Abraham said Deen ‘raped me for his benefit of fame,’ and ‘conspired against me with others that I thought were my friends at the time, and that was very hurtful.’

In an exclusive interview with Touch Weekly, published February of last year, Abraham came out as a rape survivor.

“I was drugged and raped more than once. I allowed the [wrong] type of people into my life,” she says, adding that after the release of her porn movie­, she booked appearances at strip clubs and porn conventions that put her in unsafe situations.

“It was a very dark time.”

Deen agreed to the interview on the condition that it was published in its entirety, according to Daily Beast writer Aurora Snow who conducted the interview with Deen, his publicist, and his lawyer via email.

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The allegations have been damaging to Deen’s career, as major companies drop Deen from their labels and severed with endorsements companies Deen was the for. Kink.com, an adult film media production where many of Deen’s films have been produced recently faced backlash of its own for not having safeguards in place and even covering up one of the alleged sexual assaults. Kink denied all allegations against them. OSHA announced today that it will open up an investigation against Kink at its San Francisco headquarters.

In his own words, here’s what Deen had to say about some of the allegations made against him.

On Stoya’s allegations:

“Stoya and I did not have a clean break up. It was pretty messy, full of a lot of emotions and both Stoya and I are to blame for that…The reason Stoya made this claim could be as simple as her finding out that my current girlfriend and I are moving in together. We have mutual friends, one of our friends notified Stoya of this information. It could be as calculated as Stoya trying to drive traffic to her website.

On Tori Lux’s allegation that Deen assaulted her on set:

“I can safely say that did not happen. All of the allegations are either ex-girlfriends or other events that happened on set….As far as these other claims, at a certain point I feel like people need to have a step back and analyze this stuff in context. Most of these are descriptions of things on BDSM or rough sex sets. When I am on set I am under instruction of the company who is paying me… I have no desire to blame people who consider themselves victims or throw stones. I will just say this: my job as a performer for rough sex companies is to engage in certain acts. If at any point I pushed boundaries past the point of comfort, I am sorry. I have always tried to respect peoples’ limits and safe words and operated within that space. If someone expressed anything to me I honored the request with the fullest care.

On Ashley Fries Kink encounter in shower:

Productions try to maintain a delicate balance of professionalism and fun. Most directors don’t want to document sterile intercourse—they want to create erotic material. This cannot be achieved without comfortable models who have sexual desires for one another.

They [Kink] are the only company that I have worked for who puts all the models in one building on one floor unsupervised with access to alcohol and various sex toys, as well as a communal bathroom. It creates a very non-stop sexual environment which is very conducive to producing great content. On most sets there is a natural safety net because you know that there is a walk-on location that changes depending on the day, and there is no blurry line as to when the day starts and ends. I don’t think you can blame an environment for someone’s actions.

Deen on his jokes about rape on social media:

Making a rape joke does not make one a rapist.

You can read the full interview on The Daily Beast here.