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Here is a list of non-binary artists in Hip-Hop to add to your playlist. Their work proves that non-binary musicians are impactful and here to stay. 

By Christopher K

Non-binary artists deserve to be recognized as much as their binary counterparts. Their work deserves to be in conversations about talented musicians, including debates; music enthusiasts always return to about who our Top 5 favorite artists are. Hip-Hop fans who are part of the non-binary community deserve to see and hear this representation of their community in Hip-Hop but know that they are also present in other music genres. Regardless of their genre, non-binary artists are not just killing it sonically; these artists continue to prove with their dope lyrics that the non-binary community is present in music and should be recognized and respected. 

Here is a list of non-binary musicians in Hip-Hop to add to your playlists.

Dua Saleh (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Born in Sudan but moved to St. Paul, Minnesota as a child. Dua Saleh is a Muslim musician and a rising actor set to join Netflix’s Sex Education in its upcoming season as its first-ever Black non-binary character. The 25-year-old artist, poet, actor, and activist has an incredible voice, and their smooth sound makes their latest EP, “Rosetta,” a fantastic listen. They use their music and poetry to raise awareness about topics that need to be acknowledged more often with tracks such as “body cast,” which addresses police brutality and injustice against Black people. The proceeds from the song are being donated to the non-profit organization Women for Political Change. 

DijahSB (Toronto Canada)

DijahSB has a bounce type of sound that’ll make you want to throw a dance party. Their EP “Girls Give Me Anxiety” was recently released, full of witty lines and hooks that are likely to live on in your head and might even have you performing them to yourself in the mirror in the vein of Issa Rae. DijahSB raps about a range of topics—heartbreak, words of wisdom from their mother, women they would like to pursue, enjoying life, and all the good and bad that come with it. 

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CJ Run (Munich, Germany)

CJ Run is a poetic smooth talker from Germany currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. In CJ Run’s EP “Here for Now”, they open up about love, accomplishing goals, and letting go of feelings of self-doubt.  Their sound is warm and inviting, the kind of music that fits the vibe of a chill Sunday afternoon.  

Billy Dean Thomas (Boston, Massachusetts)

Billy Dean Thomas, also known as “The Queer B.I.G.,” is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who has four  Boston Music Awards nominations. You may have seen their 2015 performance on ABC’s The View, showcasing their EP “To The World.” In their most recent EP, “For Better or Worse,” Thomas expresses their thoughts on politics and building up self-confidence, and offers words of encouragement and support to those who may feel alone. Listen to “The Queer B.I.G.” for their powerful wordplay, the raw truth of their lyrics, and the love and support they offer to their fans. 

LOWERLIPDRIP  (Chicago, Illinois) 

Meet Dew Haydn and blackrobeBLACKROBES. Together they are known as Lowerlipdrip, a duo with a mysterious, low-key style and attention-grabbing visuals. With only a few tracks currently released, such as “I Put My Whole Life on The Internet,” “Everything is Fare,” and “Flawless,” they have consistently showcased their outstanding flow and creativity. LOWERLIPDRIP’S energetic songs will have you ready to moshpit, but having their more calming sounds in your ear feels like an invitation to hang out with friends on a spontaneous get-together, skating and chilling at the park on a sunny day. 

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