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It’s fucking beautiful.

After months of anticipation, Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” music video has finally dropped and fans are eating it up. The eccentric artist has already cemented a reputation for striking, dramatic, and fantastical spectacles in his music videos after being catapulted to fame by his single “Old Town Road” (and its litany of subsequent remixes) in 2019.

The CMBYN video is a satirical rumination on and “fuck you” to puritanical Christian tyranny and homophobia. Specifically, it addresses the threat of “burning in Hell” that always hangs in the air over the heads of queer folks, spat from the mouths of religious zealots intent on demonizing and punishing queer people. Lil Nas X bucks up against multiple anti-queer narratives by placing himself and queerness directly in the Garden of Eden before gliding down a stripper pole into the depths of Hell to indulge Satan with a lap dance on his throne—and then usurping that throne. 

It’s a brash, irreverent, provocative, smutty vision of queer affirmation and rebellion, full of sacrilege and sin, and it’s fucking beautiful. We count ourselves blessed to be able to witness Lil Nas X’s love letter to himself in CMBYN and we are eternally grateful. 

Here are some of our favorite reactions to the video so far, including a few from the visionary himself. 



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