Just A Bunch of Pandas To Get Us Through The Election

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Pandas. We need them, you need them, so we simply compiled an extremely important dossier of 21 panda pictures to get us through the week and beyond.

Yeah, this week is really fucking difficult. Actually, this whole year, decade, lifetime has been difficult. But you know what, it’s ok to not read the news and refresh the page for the latest polls. Sometimes (oftentimes) it’s necessary to recognize that we need a break from the endless disaster scrolling to focus on what brings us joy. And do you know what brings us joy here at Wear Your Voice? Pandas. We’re big, BIG fans of pandas. They’re adorable, chaotic, lazy, sweet, they poop like 40 times per day, and they sleep a lot. We’re thinking of rebranding as a panda propaganda site, but in the meantime, here is something great for you to scroll through:
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