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This week’s #QNR is kind of a downer. So I’ve added a picture of a Zayn Malik holding a puppy at the end to give you something to look forward to.



Indiana sets back the equal rights movement about 60 years


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Just yesterday, Indiana governor Mike Pence signed off on a discriminatory senate bill parading itself as a religious rights act and the world suddenly makes a whole lot less sense. What I don’t seem to understand is the proponents need for religious freedom? The last I checked, someone’s existence doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights, but according to these Religious Freedom Restoration acts, that have actually become pretty popular among red states, anyone “burdening” another’s religious “exercises” has a right to take said burdened to court. The verbiage essentially leaves room to be interpreted as broadly as possible, especially in cases of refusal of services to persons not in accordance with the owner or employees religion. Despite national outrage and threats to the states revenue (massive gaming convention Gen Con threatened to pull out of their usual Indianapolis venue if Pence signed thr RFRA) Pence seems to think there’s nothing wrong with the law. And we think there’s something wrong with that. The right to marry, have children and live a normal life is and should be a given, and literally infringes on no one else’s rights to do those exact things. The right to take someone to court for not being the way your god has told you they should be literally can call anyone into question depending on what religion you subscribe to and infringes on someone’s right to be themselves. Not cool, Indiana, not cool.


California Attorney General Kamala Harris has got out back


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In other WTF-were-they-thinking news, California will have to vote on a measure far more unjust than any old Religious Freedom Restoration Act. I give you, the Weapon of Mass Destruction of discriminatory bills that shouldn’t exist in 2015: the Sodomite Suppression act. This law literally states that a California resident would have the right to legally kill gay people by “bullets to the head” or “any other convenient method”… I’m not making this sh**up people. The originator of this bill, attorney Matthew McLaughlin has several petitions demanding his disbarment, with pretty obvious just cause. Enter super bad-ass, Ca Attorney General, Kamala Harris, who is adamant in her efforts to make sure this doesn’t pass. In the grand scheme, there was no way this would actually be signed into law, but the fact that we’re even talking about it should warrant a strong, exasperated group “SERIOUSLY!?!” What is the world coming too???


HBO doesn’t heart SF anymore and cancels Looking



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First, discriminatory legislation, AND NOW THIS. All I have to say is WHY HBO??? WHY DID YOU TAKE AWAY THE ONE SHOW I RELATED TO ON SUCH A GUTTURAL LEVEL??? I’m confused, upset, saddened, and, Goddamnit, a little angry. The show was a bit slow to start but it definitely added a dimension to gay culture that’s been missing in the media for some time. A lot of people didn’t feel this way, but I certainly did. It managed to question stereotypes, poke fun and normalize a “lifestyle” often seen as something so alien. There will apparently be a TV movie to wrap up all the loose ends and answer all the questions left hanging in the minds of us diehards, but it’s just not the same. Call it my love of the city, or affinity for boring white dudes, but I will be a lot less happy a tv watcher come Sunday nights now regardless.


The world mourns the loss of Zayn Malik


I promised it, and here it is.

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And in news that had the boys and boy lovers that span the spectrum of queerness and straightness hanging their heads low, thee (hands down) most attractive member of the British fivesome One Direction has quit the band. Twinks and Insta thots alike have found solace in each other and if anything maybe this can help bridge the gender gap as we feel the blow of this loss together. A moment of silence, please….