Re-Framing Reproductive Rights and Justice: A Reading List

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The debate over reproductive healthcare and bodily autonomy continues as the possibility of another conservative supreme court justice puts Roe v Wade at risk. 

This week, mainstream media’s news cycle was overwhelmingly focused on Christian Cult Karen’s supreme court nomination hearings. The fascists in the white house and senate are pushing through her nomination proceedings faster than they will ever push through a life-saving COVID-19 stimulus package to prevent a devastating economic collapse and (further) mass deaths. 

True to this settler colony’s nature, this particular supreme court justice nomination poses a threat to the so-called “balance” of liberal-leaning and conservative-leaning judges in this inherently corrupt judicial structure. Christian Cult Karen’s career, personal beliefs, and stated belief in constitutional originalism could prove to be a danger to millions who aren’t wealthy, cisgender, heterosexual white people. And because our very livelihoods and rights should apparently be decided by politicians and life-appointed judges from exceptionally privileged backgrounds, everything—from our access to reproductive healthcare to (admittedly terrible) health insurance—is up for debate by people we’ve never fucking met. 

While the likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned seems increasingly likely (and where you live right now may already severely limit your access to reproductive health care), Wear Your Voice thought it would be of use to share a reading list to provide more context into the reproductive rights movement, the necessity for reproductive justice, how various oppressions intertwined factor into who gets to make choices about their bodies, and how mainstream (or white feminist) discussions leave out the necessity for prison abolition, the dismantling of settler colonialism, white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, and capitalism all together. 

This collection of articles, critical analyses, op-eds, and features helps frame the discussion around reproductive justice and rights in a way that centers Black, Indigenous, and people of color.:

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and the Reproductive Rights Movement’s White Supremacy Problem

Reproductive Control is About Far More Than “Women’s Bodies”

The United States War with Iran is a Reproductive Justice Issue

Prison Abolition is a Key Component of Reproductive Freedom

The Fight Against Reproductive Rights Targets the Most Marginalized People—Here is How You Can Help

As Long As American Settler Colonialism Exists, Forced Sterilizations Will Too

Sterilisation and Eugenics In The Global South Are Championed By White Women

Marshae Jones and how the Criminalization of Miscarriages Fits In With Abortion Laws

Sex Is A Good Enough Reason For Birth Control

The Racist Roots of Gynecology & What Black Women Birthed

Watching “Mad Men” in A Post-“Handmaid’s Tale” World: These White Girls Have It Hard

4 Ways to Discuss Birth Control to a Black Person Through a Repro Justice Lens

For Black And Native Women, Doulas Can Prevent Deaths

Engaging With Black Pregnancy Outside of High Childbirth Mortality Rates

How to Prevent Pregnancy When Your Abuser is Using Reproductive Coercion

Reproductive Coercion Needs To Be Talked About More

What You Need to Know About Abortion Doulas and Their Vital Work

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This Documentary Uncovers Anti-Abortion Movement’s Disregard for Actual Black Lives

Why Aren’t Pro-Life Groups Outraged by the Shackling of Pregnant Inmates?

As a Woman, I, and My Reproductive Rights, Can’t Afford Not to Vote for Clinton

How My Abortion Made Me a Better Person

T.I.’s Violation of His Daughter is a Blatant Form of Misogynoir

What Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Really Means for Abortion Access

Satanic Temple Says New Texas Abortion Rules Violate Its Religion

4 Tips for Being an Excellent Ally When Your Friend is Having an Abortion

Meet the People Who Won’t Be Having Children Because of Gun Violence

Mama’s Bail Out Day is Getting Black Mamas Out of Jail for Mother’s Day

The Revived Global Gag Rule is Already Endangering Lives in India

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