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StyleCrush: Alyssa Thralls of Worldwide Witch
StyleCrush: Alyssa Thralls of Worldwide Witch

When I think of modern goth and plus-size fashion, Alyssa Thralls, also known as Alyssa Panda Eyes, is one of the first people that comes to mind. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area but now ruling the Los Angeles goth scene, her dreamy California vibe softens the goth minimalism that her brand Worldwide Witch serves.

Name: Alyssa Thralls
Location: Los Angeles, California
Hometown: San Francisco Bay Area
Social: @alyssapandaeyes on Twitter, Instagram for her personal brand and Witch Worldwide, as well as Facebook.
Alyssa Thralls.
Alyssa Thralls.
 Wear Your Voice: How do you describe your style? What fabrics and silhouettes do you gravitate toward?
Alyssa Thralls: I’d call it minimal goth. I (obviously) love black; it always makes me feel comfortable and powerful. I really like oversized things that have lots of extra fabric to drape and flow. It just feels so magical to wear clothes like that — they billow around you like a cloud. Favorite fabrics are rayon, velvet, silk, chiffon, faux fur and lace.

WYV: How did you get involved with fashion? Who in your family/life (non-celeb) has been an influence?

AT: I grew up being interested in music. I was very into the underground/indie music scene so that’s where my style influences started, trying to dress like the people in the bands I loved. I was really into ’80s post-punk, and DIY is a big part of that ethos, so I started making my own jewelry and adjustments to clothes and stuff, and that’s how I got involved with fashion.

My style is definitely all my own. My family are hippies and I grew up around rainbows and tie-dye, so that wasn’t an influence for me.

WYV: How would you describe your signature makeup look? What are your go-to products?

AT: Well, as per my username, my signature make up look is “Panda Eyes.” I have been doing this look for years and it’s very much a part of my identity. I like it because it says, unequivocally, “I’m different, I do what I want,” which is what fashion and personal style is about for me. [My] go-to product for my eyes is Tarte “Tarteist Clay Paint Liner.” I also love liquid matte lipstick; it’s like, changed my life. I have like 30+ liquid lipsticks, and I still need so many more!!

WYV: What inspired Witch Worldwide? What parts of the shop are more of you and which parts are more of your partners? Who are your partners?

AT: Mainly it was just that I wasn’t seeing the items I wanted being made. I was doing a lot of fashion stuff on Instagram and I was having a really hard time finding the things I wanted to wear. Right around that time I had to leave my previous job, so it just made sense for me to start a brand.

My partner is my boyfriend, Parker. He’s a huge part of the brand. I mean, it’s basically just us and some part-time employees. The two of us do like absolutely everything. It’s a huge amount of work. Currently we both live and breathe the brand 24/7. We are both super hard workers and love what we do, so it’s worth it, although the workload at the moment is staggering. As for the design elements, that’s pretty much all me. I do all the graphic design and the ideas for product designs come from me. I usually do little sketches of things and then we work out together which ones will actually get made and the logistics of manufacturing and so on.

WYV: How do you stay body positive in a world that treats large bodies so negatively?

AT: I focus on myself and what I love and who I am — what matters to me, and what excites me — and show that outwardly with my style and creativity.

WYV: Who are your three celebrity StyleCrushes and why?

AT: Stevie Nicks, Dave Gahan, Madonna!

Stevie is like ultimate boho gypsy witch babe, which I love and I’m super into right now, plus she’s just amazing. I’ve loved her since I was like eight years old when I used to put on my mom’s copy of Rumours and dance around with a long scarf pretending I was her.

Dave is like, my go-to goth vibes style icon at the moment. It used to be Marc Almond but since I moved to L.A. I started to feel that desert/cowboy goth vibe more and Dave just killed that look so hard. Also [Depeche Mode is] one of my all-time fave bands.

Madonna is style inspo forever. She’s such a chameleon and so iconic, but always so glamorous, even when she’s trashy, and I feel like glamour is a really important part of style to me. I’ve always loved looking just a little bit ridiculous and absurd. Truth Or Dare-era Madonna is just perfect. Every time I watch that movie I come away with like eight outfit ideas.

WYV: Other than Witch Worldwide, which brands and designers do you love? What draws you to their aesthetic?

AT: Deandri, Regal Rose, Rogue & Wolf. I’m really into a sort of dreamier goth vibe at the moment, a bit more serious; we’re heading in that direction with the brand next (velvet kimonos and crystal jewelry!) and I feel like those brands fit in really well with my aesthetic right now.

WYV: How do you wear your voice?

AT: I just try to be myself and not listen to any negativity that comes my way.