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We want to explore the myriad of ways QTBIPOC experience sex and attraction.

Not everyone experiences sex and the things surrounding it in the same way, for various reasons. Some of those reasons might include gender cultivation, (a)sexuality, choice of sexual expression, knowledge of self/knowledge one’s own (a)sexuality, or relationship with one’s own body. Some of those reasons might include how certain body types are deemed ‘normal’ and acceptable while others are only ever fetishized or demonized.

Some of those reasons might include the fact that certain folks are told they should be grateful that anyone would even be willing to look at them, let alone touch or love them, while others are expected to always be available for sexual contact. Some of those reasons might include the fact that some people are afforded certain permissions to make decisions about their sex and love life without being eternally scrutinized, while others are nearly always assumed to be sexually irresponsible.

Some of those reasons might include past or current trauma and abuse. And a host of other reasons not mentioned here, or reasons that you or I have never even considered because they’re not a factor in our personal story.” from Sherronda J. Brown’s article, WHEN “NO” ISN’T ENOUGH AND SEXUAL BOUNDARIES ARE IGNORED.

Call for Submissions

What it is: A multimedia project centering Black, brown, and Indigenous people experiences with sex, sexuality, and attraction.

Sex. How we talk about it matters. When, where, how, and with whom we see it depicted matters, in pornography and otherwise. Sex is something that cannot be singularly defined, and yet so many continually attempt to define it through rigid hetero and cisnormative understandings. It’s important to be critical of the things we so often hear as well as the things that go unsaid, the things seen and unseen. The ugly truths many of us have been unable to acknowledge, and the hidden truths many of us have been discouraged from searching for.

With this campaign, we hope to ignite and continue important conversations about sex and sexuality — from sex positivity, sexual health, and sexual liberation to purity culture’s effects on people of color, especially queer and trans folks. From desirability politics — how racism, misogyny, fatphobia, ableism, and more impact how think about sex, attraction, humanity, and certain people’s prescribed roles — to masturbation and sex toys. From STI stigma and sex education to debunking myths about the clitoris and de-centering the penis and penetration in our understandings of sex and pleasure. Butt stuff, ethical kink practices, affirming asexuality in a hypersexual world.

We want to explore the myriad of ways QTBIPOC experience sex and attraction. Using our platform, we will produce and publish a series of articles, features, essays and interviews focused on promoting marginalized voices

Some Topics to Consider:
  • First Queer Sex Stories
  • Spirituality and sex
  • Fat sex
  • Disabled sex

Note: We are open to more topics and themes that are relevant to this campaign!

Who should submit: Queer, trans, and disabled Black, Brown, and Indigenous writers, artists, and photographers are strongly encouraged! Even if you are not an experienced or seasoned creator, please consider submitting. We have limited space and a small budget, but our decisions on who to accept will not hinge on who is the “best” or most experienced. We want work that captures the true spirit of what we are trying to do with this campaign.

How to submit: Please direct your detailed pitches to submissions@wyvmag.com using the subject “Summer of Sex Submission”, including a writing sample.

Submission Requirements: We will only be considering submissions by Black, Brown, and Indigenous people of color. Please include a social media handle with your submission and/or any published work (if you have been previously published) as a reference.

Submission deadline: 10th of May

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