Sweet Vibrations: Everyone Deserves Their “O”

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Sweet Vibrations is dedicated to ensuring that your pleasure is a priority.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Sweet Vibrations

Despite there being more open discussions about sex and sexuality, the policing and shaming of pleasure and masturbation persists, particularly for people with vulvas. Because the stigma remains, people looking to explore what brings them pleasure may balk at the idea of going to a brick-and-mortar sex shop. Sweet Vibrations is an online vibrator store that stands out amongst the others thanks to its commitment to wanting to provide each customer with quality vibrators, but without breaking the bank. 

Their site makes it abundantly clear, they believe that “everyone deserves their “O”’ and they ensure that each of their “designers, manufacturers, and partners are held to the highest standards” because your pleasure is their priority. 

What makes Sweet Vibrations unique is their focus on a key customer: someone who doesn’t know where to start or who doesn’t know what will work for them. Their site is a safe space with approachable, fun and easy options like the tuLips which is flexible and can curve like a kiss to fit your body for ideal total-clitoral stimulation. This powerhouse has 10 different settings and five intensity levels.

Our favorite is the Girl’s Best Friend, a 2-in-1 clitoris stimulator and vibrator with 20 unique settings which gently vibrates and sucks on your clitoris, mimicking a real oral experience which you’ll likely want to return to regularly. 

You’ll likely also love the Pixie, with its flexible wings and ten different vibration modes — it is incredibly quiet, discreet and fits into the palm of your hand, but don’t let its size fool you, it is a pleasure treasure-trove. 

If you’re familiar with “The Rabbit” then you may be happy to meet The Perfect Match, which is not only flexible, but also soft and squishy. This vibrator massages the clitoris and hits the G-Spot too, and to add to that, it has dual motors, which means that each tip vibrates independently with 10 different settings of massages to choose from, hence its name and reputation! 

Each of Sweet Vibrations’ products is waterproof, easy to clean, rechargeable (they come with a USB charging cable and wall plug) and each one has a discreet travel case. Sweet Vibrations prides itself on excellent customer service and every single vibrator has a lifetime warranty. For newbies who need some direction, their blog is an ideal space if you’re looking for more information on pleasure and masturbation. You can also follow Sweet Vibrations on Facebook and Instagram!