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Jameela Jamil Is Unqualified To Be A Mental Health Advocate

Not only is Jameela Jamil ill-equipped to be a mental health advocate, she has shown that she doesn’t care to learn better. By Candice Alaska [TW: brief mention of gun violence and murder, sexual violence towards women, and police violence towards disabled BIPOC.] Ever one to be a part of the discourse, self-described “Feminist-in-Progress” and...


Reproductive and Disability Justice Demand Abolition

It’s not just history — reproductive coercion by the government and criminal justice system is an ongoing reality.  CW: mentions of miscarriage, reproductive violence/coercion, and sexual violence/r*pe By Kylie Cheung  In a world dominated by celebrity, few cultural moments can be more eye-opening to the oppressions of marginalized people than a horror story of someone...


To Say That Disability Will Disappear When Capitalism Does is Eugenics, Not Liberation Theory

The greatest insistence that I can somehow power through my disability comes from the people that claim that my brain would simply work if capitalism was eradicated. CW/TW: Ableist language, eugenics I don’t know who decided that “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” was an accurate or effective description of what ADHD does to a person, but...


I May Destroy Your Self-Worth: How Childhood Bullying Plagued My Young Adult Years

Childhood bullying has long-lasting effects and its impact should be acknowledged as much as other traumas during this era of mental health awareness.  By Khaaliq Crowder  CW: bullying, fatphobia, ableism, homophobia, disordered eating, self-harm, suicidality  As I approach my 25th birthday, I’ve been examining my childhood trauma and how it plagued my late teens and...


Uber And The NFL’s Corporate Platitudes Will Not End Racism

Uber and the NFL’s words mean nothing when their actions say the complete opposite. Let’s dive into the historic racism of both entities, shall we? In 2020, literal centuries into the American settler-colonial project, corporations have finally decided to acknowledge the existence of racism. Groundbreaking! This newfound realization—and subsequent attempts to be woke—come during a...


Abusive White Men Thrive in The Film Industry

Within the film industry white male directors employ abusive tactics and create hostile work environments in the name of genius and so-called authenticity. TW/CW: mentions of rape and abuse. You know one of the quotes I hate the most? “No pain, no gain.” There are several reasons I absolutely loathe this quote that masquerades as...