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Queer Liberation Is An Abolitionist Affair

If queerness is that which pushes back against the status quo, it’s necessarily anti-capitalist and anti-white supremacist. It’s abolitionist. By Namrata Verghese A photo of last year’s Austin Pride Parade popped up on my Instagram feed recently, paired with the caption: “back before Pride was canceled.” The people in the picture wore rainbow Converse and...


Prisons Are Always Immoral, They Are More So During A Pandemic

We must challenge the societal conditioning that teaches us that incarcerated people in prisons and jails are unworthy of our compassion and care.  I’m a prison abolitionist in the best of times. On the United States’ best day, prisons, jails, and detention centers are horrifying embarrassments that make clear that the state is not ethical...


Committing Harm Is Not The Same As Being Abusive

In conflating harm with abuse, we contribute to disposability politics and stray further away from a more just future of accountability and healing. This essay discusses sexual violence and mentions r/pe My queer parent, Hunter Shackelford, and I sit around and talk a lot. For hours, most days. At the genesis of our relationship, one...


Diet Culture and Weight Loss Programs Are A Scam

Those who have a vested interest in diet culture are investing in systemic anti-fatness, anti-Blackness, ableism, misogyny/-noir, and capitalism. TW/CW: this article discusses fatphobia, diet culture, and Weight Watchers  In September of 2018, Weight Watchers—now known as “WW”— published a press release that showcased the company’s new name, new tagline, and its overall “new” focus....